A physical shop that allows customers to see and buy NFTs in person has just opened in the Mall of Dubai. The technology firm SoftConstruct founded the store, branded as ‘ftNFT’ or just ‘ft’, and runs on the Fastex ecosystem. Its walls are covered with artwork, styled to look like a modern apparel company outlet. Customers can browse NFT collections while relaxing on laptops or tablets and produce high-quality avatars.

The Fastex ecosystem, which contains multiple Fastex products, like the Fastex Exchange, FastexVerse, Fastex Pay, Fastex Chain, FastToken, and FirstTicket, supports Ft shop, a one-of-a-kind marketplace.

For artists and cryptocurrency fans, opening the world’s first actual NFT store is unquestionably innovative. In the next few years, we can see the store expanding and blossoming to be a major hub for cryptocurrency and blockchain fans worldwide.

The physical NFT marketplace favors the crypto world

The NFT marketplace was developed with the aim of promoting original and creative thought, motivating artists to make money from their work, and allowing trade of investors who love the crypto world.

When the store opened its doors to NFT fans on December 22, it planned a unique event for those who came on opening day. Each customer who entered the store on December 22 received a ticket for a future event that will welcome NFT sellers and artists from across the world to discuss their creations and sources of inspiration.

The store features collections by Amrita Sethi, AKNEYE, and many other designers:

Amrita Sethi, the first NFT artist in the UAE, merges physical and digital arts in her works. The renowned artist creates multimedia forms of art using sound, storytelling, and augmented reality combined with real-world objects, NFTs, and clothing. In addition, her status as a thought leader in the Web3 industry has inspired many.

AKNEYE is a platform that connects global artists who share a similar vision. The company well-known for its unique collection of sculptures of eyeballs is now initiating a move into the virtual world by making its sculptures available in the form of NFTs.