Initially, a lot of people showed a big interest in blockchain games because of their desire to earn money and have fun. The interest has decreased nowadays because the crypto market does not present a desired circumstance -it is showing the features of bear market-, and there are lots of myths about blockchain games. In other words, some people create wrong statements about blockchain games, the NFT space, and cryptocurrencies, so other people think that playing blockchain games does not offer benefits, and they do not affect investments in this field. Now, we want to share five myths about this type of games and inform you about blockchain games’ benefits.


Earning money by playing blockchain games is not possible

Most of the blockchain games are called ‘play-to-earn’, and it refers to earning money by playing. A lot of people think that players cannot gain digital assets, such as NFTs and cryptocurrencies, and money with the help of blockchain games, but the thought is totally wrong.

In play-to-earn games, players should complete some simple or complex duties. For instance, a task can require fighting in a battle or breeding in-game characters. In addition to these examples, there can be different tasks in play-to-earn games. When players complete these tasks, they can get cryptocurrencies or in-game tokens. Then, they can use these digital assets to buy various NFTs or transform them into real-life assets.

At that point, Splinterlands can be mentioned; in this blockchain game, people can play Ranked Battles and earn money by participating in these battles. Like Splinterlands, players loving blockchain games can give a chance to other blockchain games, like Axie Infinity and Alien Worlds, to earn money.

Axie Infinity

All blockchain games are scams

According to some people, all blockchain-based games are scams, and they collect players’ money, then, disappear. However, this belief is wrong because there are lots of blockchain games in which people get earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

There are some scam games in this virtual world, but this situation cannot be generalized for all blockchain games. Because of this situation, many people think that they will lose their money if they play blockchain games. If you are one of these people, you must do your own research about blockchain games and projects to invest in safe games and projects. Also, you can read our article about possible and common NFT scams in the NFT space to protect your investment.

Alien Worlds

All blockchain games are boring and meaningless

As you know, every person has different ideas and preferences about the gaming experience, so you can find your favorite game in the blockchain world because there are many different options! Due to this circumstance, we cannot say that all blockchain-based games are boring. In other words, the belief that ‘’Blockchain games only consider monetization, so players cannot have fun by playing these games.’’ is totally wrong.

In this virtual world, there are various games with fascinating illustrations, graphics, and stories. For instance, in Alien Worlds, the year is 2055, and there is a pandemic on Earth. Some inhabitants of Earth found a way to get rid of this pandemic, and the game depends on the action-packed story. If you love space-related games, you can give a chance to Alien Worlds.

Hence, you can conduct research into blockchain games and find games with a strong story and design that do not allow being bored!

Blockchain games are bad for the environment

The main elements of blockchain games are tokens, coins, and NFTs, and these elements have some negative effects on the environment because they use a large amount of electricity and computing power. Also, they increase the carbon footprint of users, like every technological development. Because of this circumstance, a lot of people think that blockchain games are not environmentally friendly.

The negative impact of NFTs and other digital assets is known by people, but we cannot state that blockchain-based projects and games have a huge negative impact on the environment. Some chains, like WAX, are using proof-of-stake protocol that needs less energy than proof-of-work protocol, so blockchain games depending on proof-of-stake are environmentally friendly. In addition to the usage of proof-of-stake protocol, some blockchain platforms are utilizing renewable sources, like solar energy, instead of non-renewable sources, like fossil fuels, to protect the environment.

Blockchain games are complicated for beginners

There are lots of people who want to play blockchain-based games, but they are afraid of this type of games’ structure. In other words, they believe that blockchain games are very complicated for them. This belief is very normal, but it is wrong!

If a person knows how to use a smartphone or computer, s/he can also play a blockchain game. Every blockchain game has a whitepaper or an informative website about the gameplay, so both beginners and experts in this field can play this type of games with fun easily! Initially, you must create a cryptocurrency gaming account to play blockchain games, and then, you should read the steps about the games via their websites or whitepapers. After understanding each step, you should apply them to your gameplay.


We know that every play-to-earn blockchain game has some deficiencies because the virtual world is still new for many people. On the other hand, there are good and formative blockchain games, so every opportunity for this type of games should be considered. If you want to find your favorite blockchain game, you can start conducting research into this virtual world!