Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is used for trading digital items in the virtual world, like NFTs.

Can we trust the token? Is it eco-friendly and provides a suitable way to trade? Let’s find the answers to these questions in this article!

WAX blockchain provides the opportunity of collecting exquisite virtual items, so NFTs can be easily accessible by the blockchain.

For being consumer-friendly and environmentally kind, a cryptocurrency should have a low daily trading volume. The lower capacity can consume less energy, and we can reach these kinds of blockchains nowadays. WAX is one of them.

If we give an example for creating a concrete framework, Bitcoin uses a Proof of Work system to produce a token. The system contains a large amount of calculations, so Bitcoin requires more energy.

On the other hand, WAX works according to the Proof of Storage system in which less amount of energy is consumed. Therefore, the eco-friendly characteristic of cryptocurrencies depends on their technologies and configurations, and the technology of WAX blockchain has respect for the nature.

What’s more on WAX?

You can play blockchain games with the WAX token, and these games have interesting themes. For example, one of our picked games, Battles of Humanity has the theme of sustainability, and it aims to educate people about natural resources, ecosystems, and the biosphere. By the goals, individuals have fun, deal with their money, and may understand significant issues about real world. Therefore, WAX blockchain can give information about our environment and work with a system that uses a little amount of energy.

In addition, playing blockchain games with other cryptocurrencies need time because people should connect a third-party wallet while WAX Cloud Wallet does not want that. In other words, individuals can easily access WAX Cloud Wallet by the login with social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter. Hence, WAX blockchain is consumer-friendly besides the eco-friendly feature.