As a media partner, we are proud to announce Blockchain Futurist Conference with ETHToronto and ETHWomen! You can reach the details of the conference via the news.

What is Blockchain Futurist Conference?

Blockchain Futurist Conference by Untraceable Events is the largest blockchain, crypto, and Web3 event in Canada. On August 15-16, the fifth version of the event will be held in Toronto, Canada at Rebel Entertainment Complex and Cabana.

The main aim of the conference is bringing together the greatest minds of Web3, crypto, Metaverse, DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, DAOs, and so on. In the event, you can get the chance to explore the future potential and direction of blockchain technology effectively!

For creating a fully immersive crypto experience for attendees, there will be crypto powered marketplaces, NFT galleries, crypto ATMs, and other use cases of blockchain technology in Blockchain Futurist Conference.

NFT Galleries
NFT Galleries

In the event, there will be more than 100 world-class speakers, industry experts, and thought-leaders who will discuss blockchain technology, NFTs, Metaverse, DeFi, cryptocurrency, DAOs, and more.

You can get the chance of listening to the Founder of BitBoy Crypto, Ben Armstrong, the CEO and Founder of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Hut 8, Jaime Leverton, and so on!

In addition to the successful names from the field, you will encounter boothcamp sessions in which experts will teach the fundamentals of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Also, there will be expo booths and different networking events!

What is ETHToronto?

Untraceable Events is organizing the second annual ETHToronto Hackathon as a part of Blockchain Futurist Conference! The hackathon will be held in George Brown College on August 15-16.

ETHToronto hosted 500 developers last year, and there will be more than 1000 participants in 2023! In the hackathon, participants will create their teams, attend workshops, and receive mentorship while building the next innovation in blockchain technology. Also, they can connect with employers, fundraise, and expand their network!

Top teams in ETHToronto will get the chance to present at Blockchain Futurist Conference! In addition to that, all participants of the hackathon will receive free entry to Blockchain Futurist Conference.

ETHToronto Hackathon
ETHToronto Hackathon

What is ETHWomen?

This year, ETHToronto will involve ETHWomen in collaboration with CryptoChicks and other female-focused Web3 organizations!

ETHWomen is an inclusive hackathon that will provide a supportive environment for women and LGBTQ+ community to showcase their talent. Also, participants of the hackathon will get the chance for collaborating with like-minded individuals and developing innovative solutions for real-world issues.

Keynote speakers of ETHWomen are Michele Romanow, the Co-founder and CEO of Clearco, Elena Sinelnikova, the Co-founder of CryptoChicks and MetisDAO Foundation, Lisa Loud, the Co-founder and CEO of FLUIDEFI, and so on. As you can understand, ETHWomen will gather lots of amazing women from the field together!

If you want to expand your network and develop your knowledge about NFTs, blockchain technology, Metaverse, cryptocurrencies, and so on, you should not miss Blockchain Futurist Conference!