Orange Comet has recently announced a collaboration with a young artist, The Doodle Boy, to create NFTs! 

The 13-year-old who specializes in creatively drawn doodles has caught the attention of large brands, including Nike, and celebrities, like Princess Kate and Prince Williams. 

His new collection, The Remarkables, will be minted in partnership with Orange Comet on OpenSea.

The Little Artist: The Doodle Boy

Joe Whale, popularly known as The Doodle Boy, is a young boy who has become famous for his appealing (and oftentimes comical) doodle art. 

He began doodling at a young age and describes it as his passion and the most relaxing thing to do. 

His black and white drawings have graced many mediums, including canvases, murals, books, and even shoes (thanks to the partnership with Nike)!

He has also worked with the Prince & Princess of Wales, Pixar, and Scholastic, and now he’s partnering with Orange Comet to bring his art into the Web3 world. 

Joe Whale is known as The Doodle Boy.
The Doodle Boy (Joe Whale)

About Orange Comet

Orange Comet is a dynamic NFT company committed to innovation in the Web3 ecosystem.  It is interested in art and sports-based collectibles and creates unique ecosystems by considering the entertainment sector.

The company has partnered with celebrities; one of the celebrities is Anthony Hopkins. The popular name released two NFT collections, The Eternals and The Descendants, with Orange Comet.

Orange Comets x The Doodle Boy

Orange Comet will be joining forces with Joe Whale to turn his art into digital collectibles. The NFT collection, titled The Remarkables, will feature 3,500 of The Doodle Boy’s colored and animated drawings instead of his black-and-white drawing style. 

The Remarkables will be up for sale on OpenSea in April. 

This collaboration is a dream come through for the bright little artist who says he has always imagined his art coming to life in various other formats in his mind. He is excited about all the joys his art will bring to the world. 

Apart from the opportunities turning his drawings into NFTs presents, Joe sees this as a way to give back to his community.

The mint will begin on April 25, and Orange Comet’s team shared that the collection will continually evolve during the week of its release – beginning with the original black and white doodle, and later, it will transform into the final 3D token reimagined by Orange Comet.