The tech world is developing day by day, and the development provides us with various mechanisms easing our lives. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the mechanisms in the development process. For example, university students can improve their academic papers with AI chatbots while older people can deal with their financial issues easily and quickly with AI-powered virtual assistants.

Due to the advantages of AI, we cannot underestimate this technological development. In addition to its own advantages, we need to mention the combination of AI with other technological developments.

As you know, AI and Web3 technologies, like NFTs and Metaverse, are hand in hand. But, how can AI shape Metaverse effectively? Let’s find this question’s answer together!

Artificial intelligence can increase security in metaverse.

AI Can Increase the Security in Metaverse

Unfortunately, the NFT space and Metaverse involve lots of scammers who want to swindle other users. Hence, learning and detecting NFT scams and other actions of scammers and hackers is very important to survive in this virtual world.

Because of the high number of scammers and hackers in Metaverse, many individuals abstain from entering the digital space. This circumstance can be eliminated with the help of AI!

For fighting identity theft, cyber-attacks, and frauds in Metaverse, AI-based tools can be utilized. These tools can detect suspicious activities in the digital world and block dangerous messages from scammers.

Artifical intelligence provides personalization.
Source: The Fabricant

AI Can Give More Personalized Experiences in Metaverse

Many daily life applications, like social media platforms and shopping apps, utilize AI to present more user-dependent recommendations. Hence, the technology makes users’ internet experiences more customized.

AI’s customization feature can be used in Metaverse, too. As you know, we should create our avatars to participate in the metaverse platforms. After creating an avatar body, we start to clothe the body with virtual clothes, accessories, and so on. At that point, AI can be utilized for offering more personalized virtual activities, clothes, accessories, and more.

AI algorithms can analyze users’ data, and then, provide each user with different virtual circumstances according to their data. Therefore, different metaverse platforms can utilize AI to make their users happy with more customized experiences.  

Artificial intelligence can offer support.

AI Can Provide 24/7 Support in Metaverse

The concept of ‘Metaverse’ is still new for a lot of internet users. Due to the reality, the users need detailed and quick assistance about this virtual world to join virtual activities.

For the users’ need, AI can be utilized. With AI, 24/7 support can be provided by metaverse platforms to virtual life lovers. In real life, we are frequently using ChatGPT which is an AI-powered chatbot answering people’s different questions. The usage of ChatGPT and other AI-based chatbots can be considered for the 24/7 support in this virtual world.

In metaverse platforms with 24/7 AI-powered support, you can find your favorite virtual sneakers or encounter a full of fun digital space for socialization. Hence, we can say that AI can make metaverse platforms more helpful in terms of shopping, socialization, tourism, and so on!

Artificial intelligence increases socialization.
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AI Can Improve Socialization in Metaverse

One of the main usages of Metaverse is socialization. People from all over the world enter the virtual world for meeting with new individuals and expanding their network. However, language barrier can be sometimes encountered in Metaverse, and the issue can affect people’s socialization negatively.

For solving the language barrier in the digital space, AI can be utilized efficiently. Natural language processing (NLP), that is a branch of AI, understands, reads, and deduces different languages. If this branch is used in metaverse platforms, people don’t need to constantly visit Google Translate or dictionaries for virtual socialization!

Thanks to AI, people from different backgrounds and individuals with disabilities can encounter an inclusive environment in the digital space.

AI and VR develop metaverse in a good way.

Final Thoughts

Like virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence is very valuable and important for the development of Metaverse. With the technology, gaming, socialization, cyber security, content creation, and so on in Metaverse can be improved in a good way.

Although there are some challenges about artificial intelligence, like ethical issues and ownership of AI-created content, the technology should be considered in Metaverse and connected with Web3 technologies for immersive user experiences.