Ever since its debut on television in 1966, Star Trek has evolved into an iconic science fiction franchise. It has captivated hearts worldwide and transcended into a cultural phenomenon. 

Through its diverse array of television shows, cinematic adventures, and spin-offs, Star Trek has etched an enduring imprint on popular culture. It has ignited the spirits of successive generations with its optimistic portrayal of what lies ahead with intellectually stimulating themes.

In an exciting development, CBS Studios has adeptly submitted an application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This patent is to secure exclusive rights to the title of “Star Trek Continuum” within the realm of NFTs and cryptocurrency collectibles.

CBS submitted the trademark application in April and officially secured the character mark for the Star Trek franchise on August 8th.

Star Trek Continuum NFTs

It’s crucial to note that the focal point of the trademark submission revolves predominantly around “Star Trek Continuum”.

The NFT collection showcases an array of celestial vessels from the vast Star Trek cosmos. Enthusiasts will possess the power to tailor these digital assets according to their individual preferences. This will add a layer of interaction and personal touch. 

The NFTs were launched last year at prices ranging from $11 to $999,999.99 and have sold up to $527,110 ever since. Learn more about or buy them here.

Final Words 

CBS Studios’ move to get NFT trademarks is a reflection of the upswing in fascination surrounding NFTs and metaverse. This increased interest is also seen in the rising count of trademark petitions we’ve heard about in recent times. 

For example, the BBC took steps to trademark for Dr. Who NFTs. Also, Sony, Reebok, Yves Saint Laurent, Haribo, and other popular companies entered the NFT space via trademark applications. These actions show that NFTs have the capabilities to bring companies from conventional industries into the virtual world. 

We look forward to seeing more brands active in this space.