Known for her influence in fashion and culture, Barbie mirrors the average girl with big dreams. The fact that she keeps adapting to changes and delighting our world as time passes makes Barbie second to none. 

Barbie is ready to conquer more territories as she brings her star power to the metaverse! To achieve this, she is partnering with Boss Beauties – one of the popular women-led projects making waves in 2023. 

About Barbie x Boss Beauties 

The partnership features Barbie’s 250 careers and challenges, glass ceilings, and stereotypes holding women back. Their campaign states that girls and women can be anything so the collection is dubbed “Anything You Want Collection”. It features occupations, like astronauts, army medics, pilots, athletes, and so much more.

Commenting on their team’s effort, Lisa McKnight, the Global Head of Barbie and Dolls, expressed her excitement at their collaboration.

Barbie partners with Boss Beauties.

Collectors can access the digital collectibles via Mattel Creations. Each pack goes for $25 and contains 4 assets that are unique. Early access buyers get to enjoy a surprise collectible featuring unique career traits. 

The early-access limited-availability period started officially on May 10, and a joint activation via VeeCon will take place May 18.

This is not the first time the duo are joining forces. In 2022, Boss Beauties announced that they would be teaming up with Barbie to donate $250,000 in honour of 250 careers.