As NFTs continue to gain popularity and adoption, women-led projects are making their mark in the space. In 2023, these five women-led NFT projects should be on your radar for their innovative approaches, unique perspectives, and contributions to the growing ecosystem.

Boss Beauties

Holding the record of the pioneer NFT project listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Boss Beauties is a collection of 10,000 NFTs inspired by strong, unique, and independent women. 

Boss Beauties is driven by the idea of helping women around the world. The collection has funded scholarships worth $140,000. Boss Beauties sold out in ninety minutes, and it has a floor price of 0.0998 ETH.

Women: Fame Lady #365
Fame Lady #365

Fame Lady Squad

Fame Lady Squad is the world’s first completely female generative NFT collection on the Ethereum network. There are 8,888 unique ferocious ladies made out of distinctive traits. 

The commercial IP rights of each NFT in the Fame Lady Squad belong to the respective tokenholder. Overall, the Fame Lady Squad collection oozes confidence, fierceness, and rawness.

Astronaut women

Women Rise

The 10,000 Women Rise NFTs model female leaders in the science, art, technology, and other industries. The project was created by Maliha Abidi. 

The collection tells noteworthy stories and issues happening across the world with the power of art, technology, and community. The Women Rise community continues to grow since its launch in November 2021. Community members have access to airdrops, giveaways, and many others.

The Flower Girls

This NFT project features 10,000 assets generated from more than 950 handmade qualities on the Ethereum network. After four months of development by Varvara Alay, The Flower Girls NFTs were launched in July 2021 and were sold out in 30 minutes. They have a sales volume over $16 million. 

These NFTs have one primary purpose – to travel to Venus, the founding planet of all women and provide support charitable organizations. The Flower Girls collection has over six sextillion potential combinations for the face alone – crowning it as one of the rarest NFT collections in the industry. 20% of its primary and secondary proceeds are donated to children charities.

Remarkable Women

Remarkable Women

Here is the vibrant world of Rachel Winter’s Remarkable Women launched in February 2022. The bold patterns of these NFTs leave a lasting impression on everyone. 

These 5,998 Remarkable Women NFTs celebrate women from various ethnicities and features powerful notes in 15 languages. 

Driven by a “deep sense of purpose and meaning”, this NFT collection aims to empower ladies. 10% of proceeds from the project will go to the project’s partner, the Fund for Women’s Equality. 10% of secondary sales will go to the Remarkable Women’s Impact Fund.