In our previous article, we mentioned the eco-friendly feature of the WAX token, and now, we would like to inform you more about other features of WAX that will push you to buy!

WAX signifies Worldwide Asset eXchange, and it is a specific blockchain system that can be used for trading virtual things, like rare and collectible items. In other words, you can get WAX token for buying amazing digital artwork and gaming. WAX blockchain functions as a decentralized marketplace, so individuals have their virtual assets and trade them with others on the WAX platform. Therefore, you do not have to trust a centralized video game provider or network. Let’s talk about the other reasons to get WAX token!

Firstly, WAX was designed by Team OPSkins that is the World’s largest marketplace for buying and selling digital pieces. Team OPSkins presents safe and secure trading, so you can trust WAX token easily. You should know that the team sells more than 2 million digital items per week! Hence, there is an impressive team behind WAX blockchain.

Secondly, WAX was found by two blockchain legends who are William Quigley and Jonathan Yantis. These two people cofounded Tether that is a stable coin exchanged all over the world. Also, they co-founded Crypto Capital Partners which is one of the first blockchain venture funds. Thus, you are in good hands because of the talented and brilliant founders of WAX.

Thirdly, WAX will ease the trading of sneakers, clothing, gift cards, and other digital and physical items, so we can say that the WAX token will take its place in every field.

Fourthly, WAX was designed specifically for easing the existing e-commerce market, so we can say that WAX is targeting an existing market.

Fifthly, WAX does not cause more pollution on Earth. In other words, WAX is a carbon-neutral blockchain system that serves on a Proof of Stake system, so it is a green NFT machine. On the other hand, other blockchain systems can damage our planet, so you should prefer WAX blockchain to sell and buy NFTs.

Sixthly, WAX can be a good investment if you are looking for a virtual currency. On 09.22.2021, WAX price equaled approximately 0.21 USD. With a 5-year investment, the revenue from WAX is expected to be almost +189.5%. Hence, your $100 investment might be up to $289.5 in 2026.

How Can You Buy WAX Token?

Firstly, you should find a cryptocurrency exchange platform that supports WAX. In some exchange platforms, you should provide additional contact information and proof of identification (ID) due to Know Your Customer laws. Moreover, you can set up two-factor authentication on your account for an extra layer of security. After login in to the cryptocurrency exchange platform, you should deposit the necessary amount of money and create a wallet address for transferring your selected crypto to the exchange. Lastly, you should enter the intended amount of WAX and check the total cost of the transaction. If there is no mistake, you can end your purchase.