Fintech startup Dinari introduced its dShare trading system and revealed the achievement of securing $7.5 million in seed funding. The dShare platform facilitates users with blockchain-supported tokenized stock trading.

Dinari, a Web3 stock trading company, disclosed the attainment of $7.5 million through a seed funding phase. SPEILLLP, 500 Global, Balaji Srinivasan who is the former CTO of Coinbase, Third Kind Venture Capital, Sancus Ventures, and Version One VC participated in this investment. 

The company also indicated in the press release that it had introduced its dShare system to international markets beyond the borders of the United States. The system which is a trading platform creates a direct 1:1 link between its tokens and underlying equities. This novel strategy allows consumers to acquire stock in publicly traded corporations. 

The platform’s goals include enabling transparent blockchain transactions, creating irrefutable proof of ownership, promoting quick settlements, and guaranteeing compatibility with other blockchain products. Notably, the service is unavailable within the United States.

Chas Rampenthal, the co-founder and chief legal officer of Dinari, stated: 

‘’With the ex-US launch of our dShare Platform, we are leveraging blockchain to democratize access to corporate equity markets in a transparent, fully asset-backed manner.’’

About Dinari

Dinari is a blockchain-based platform that grants entry to securities and stocks through blockchain technology. The company wants to give consumers access to digital tokens backed by actual, physical assets. 

Real-world asset (RWA) tokenization has gained popularity among cryptocurrency and traditional financial participants looking to use distributed ledger technology. 

The company’s goal is to make blockchain-driven company ownership more accessible through its system called dShare. Using an Arbitrum wallet, the system enables users to interact with the stocks of well-known technological businesses. Similar to stablecoins, like USDT or USDC, that are tethered to fiat currencies, each dShare token maintains a direct 1:1 backing.