On September 14, Darewise Entertainment, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, announced a strategic partnership with Horizen Labs. 

This alliance will further Darewise Entertainment’s mission of introducing the inaugural metaverse token within the Bitcoin ecosystem. It signifies a significant stride in expanding the reach of Bitcoin by engaging with the gaming sector. 

Darewise Entertainment is gearing up to launch a token to empower a comprehensive Bitcoin-based ecosystem for gaming and real-life experiences. 

Life Beyond is the pioneering gaming metaverse that will utilize this token for in-game assets, virtual properties, and other functionalities. The token is anticipated to serve various purposes within the game, including in-game asset transactions, virtual land ownership, and others.

Benjamin Charbit, the co-founder and CEO of Darewise Entertainment, stated about the partnership:

“We’re still in the early innings…To achieve that potential, we need to roll up our sleeves and build, and that’s the essence of our partnership with Horizen Labs. We’re joining forces to contribute to the foundational infrastructure that the Bitcoin ecosystem needs to truly flourish. This is about collaboration, community, and contributing to a collective effort that could redefine the digital landscape.”

Yat Siu, the co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, affirms the Ordinals protocol is ushering in a transformative moment for Bitcoin as it broadens its influence and introduces the notion of culture. 

Vincent Marty, the chief product officer at Darewise Entertainment, announced that they have unveiled numerous technological breakthroughs over the past months. These innovations are set to drive Life Beyond Chapter 1 in 2024 and various metaverses and games globally.

In pursuit of the decentralization revolution, Horizen Labs demonstrates dedication to forging a digital world that is both more secure and equitable. The company’s CEO, Robert Viglione, is enthusiastic and extremely pleased to collaborate with Darewise Entertainment and Animoca Brands.

Life Beyond by Darewise
Life Beyond

About Darewise Entertainment

Founded in 2017 and now owned by Animoca Brands, Darewise Entertainment is a European video game studio specializing in social online games. 

The company is the developer behind a play-and-earn science fiction massively multiplayer online (MMO) game called Life Beyond

Led by veterans of the AAA games industry, Darewise Entertainment is committed to building meaningful and interactive gaming experiences.

About Horizen Labs

Horizen Labs is a blockchain technology company that provides tools and services for building secure, scalable, and privacy-preserving blockchain solutions. 

The company’s flagship product is Horizen, a public blockchain platform with built-in privacy features.