How to Get the Immersys FATE Token

As far as tokens go, the Immersys FATE token is going to be one of the most useful tokens out there on the market. Existing on the WAX blockchain, the FATE game token is unbacked and value is determined by the value of applications and use-cases within the Immersys ecosystem. 

Ahead of the September 28th disbursement of the FATE token, I wanted to share an easy how-to guide on the ways you can get the Immersys FATE token, the use cases, and how you can start to use it. 

Let’s get into it. 

How Do You Get the FATE Token?

There are three ways you can get your hands on the FATE Token, though some are definitely easier than others. Here they are: 

  1. The Original 100 Player Beta Cards: Early bird gets the worm and if you got in on the ground floor of Immersys, lucky you. Owners of the original 100 Player Beta Cards are being rewarded for their early adoption and will be receiving a disbursement of 20,000 FATE each, for a total pool size of 2,000,000 FATE. These are available only on the secondary market. 
  2. Eleblob Genesis Packs: One of the OG NFT packs, you can also receive a portion of the FATE token pool if you are a holder of EleBlob Evolutions Second Tier and Higher. The Eleblob Genesis packs are currently sold out and only available via the secondary market. The pool size for holders of Eleblob Genesis is 72,000,000 FATE. 
  3. Eleblob Fusion Series: Finally, there are the EleBlob Fusion Series, otherwise known as the easiest way to ensure that some of the FATE token has your name on it. Holders of Eleblob Evolutions Second Tier or higher will qualify for a portion of the FATE pool. These packs are currently available for purchase on Nefty Blocks. Secure your portion of the FATE token today by picking up some Fusion packs before they sell out. The pool size for holders of Eleblob Fusion is 72,000,000 FATE.

What Can You Do with the FATE Token?

The best thing about Immersys FATE is that it is usable. It’s not just another one-sided token. If you want to hold onto it and let the value increase over time, you can. You can also spend the FATE token in-game to buy NFTs and services directly inside Immersys. 

As a player or creator in Immersys, some of the use cases for the FATE token include things like purchasing NFTs from other creators, import your own NFT templates, purchasing game development services from Immersys, unlock access to in-game content, repairing tools, and so much more. 

When Can You Start Using the FATE Token?

After disbursement happens on September 28, you can start using the FATE token right away inside Immersys, on all the use cases mentioned above as well as 3D model creations and unlocking exclusive in-game content.

For a complete overview of the FATE Token, visit Immersys for a more in-depth look at the FATE Token announcement or the whitepaper for a breakdown of the tokenomics.