The NFT world is catching people’s attention a lot, and people encounter the various use cases of NFTs in the world. Each case has a different purpose, so we want to explain the different types of NFTs so that you can get NFT types suitable for your purpose and request.

Generally, the economic side of NFTs is considered, but every NFT has a different mission. In other words, NFTs provide people with various benefits, and for different benefits and missions can be presented by different types of NFTs. Let’s learn about these missions and benefits together by focusing on the different types of NFTs!

NFT Tickets

In almost every field from fashion to real estate, NFTs can be utilized, so you should know that event tickets can be in the form of NFTs. In other words, events, like concerts and cinema, can request participation with NFT tickets. People can access various real-world or virtual-world events via NFT event tickets. NFTs are used as access tickets because verifying the identities of the people who have the right of joining a specific event is easier with NFTs. Also, NFTs make the recording of participants of an event easier, and the number of participants can be understood in an efficient way, thanks to NFT event tickets.

Generally, event organizers present a limited amount of NFT event tickets that are using a particular blockchain system. People can reach these tickets via auctions, and they can store them in their digital wallets simply. Due to the benefits of NFTs on the participation of people in specific events, you should get used to NFT event tickets. One day, we can forget traditional event tickets because we think that we will use NFT event tickets in the future for participating in our favorite music band’s concert or watching a new movie in the cinema!

For giving an example of NFT event tickets, we can mention Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival which is an annual music and art festival in California. For the amazing festival, NFTs were considered, and people got the chance of unlocking unique on-site experiences, reaching some physical items, owning lifetime festival passes, and so on.


Another type of NFTs is artwork, and it is the most common type in the NFT world. In the beginning, NFTs appeared with an artistic purpose, and artists started to present and sell their artwork in the form of NFTs. The digital assets provide digital artists with the opportunity to get money from their artwork digitally. Because of this situation, a lot of ‘real world’ artists became digital artists to create their own communities, gain money, and encounter enough value in the art field.

You can realize that the creativity of artists can be shown in the version of video, photography, GIF, and so on. At that point, we can mention Beeple’s NFT artwork called Everydays: The First 5000 Days in which there are 5000 digital images, and it was sold for $69.3 million in 2021. As understood from the price, art is very important in the NFT world, and artists can encounter the value they deserve in this digital world!  

Music NFTs

Like photography and drawing, music is also coming from the art industry, and it finds its place in the NFT world. Music was seen as a fungible product for a long time, but now it can be in the form of non-fungible token! For gaining money and promoting their music, musicians sell their music as NFTs. In addition to these benefits of NFTs in the music sector, musicians can save their earnings because there are no cuts from music labels and streaming platforms, thanks to NFTs. You can encounter albums, music videos, and songs as music NFTs. Maybe, your favorite musician releases music NFTs for making his/her fans happy!

Bored Ape Yacht Club


A lot of people collect different items, such as old money, stones, and letter stamps, in real life, and NFT collectibles are similar to this situation. There are different digital collectible NFT cards, and they are generally collected by their lovers. Most of the NFT collectibles have a high value in terms of money, so they can be sold in the NFT market easily.

Bored Ape Yacht Club is an example of NFT collectibles; it involves 10,000 NFT collectibles on the Ethereum Blockchain, and a lot of people love the ape-based characters.

If you love collecting different things physically, you can also think of collecting NFTs because this circumstance gives a similar excitement to physical collections.

Domain Names

Domain names define a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control within the Internet, and they can be found in the form of NFTs. Some people who want to get some benefits sell their domain names in the NFT market. Also, buying domain names as NFTs offers various benefits. For instance, you can buy a domain name from the NFT market to not spend money for a third party that will deal with your domain.

If you want to manage the domain names for your website, wallet, NFT, and other digital assets, you can consider two platforms: Ethereum Name Service and Unstoppable Domains.  

Axie Infinity

Game NFTs

Another common NFT type is game NFTs. There are different blockchain-based games, and people have fun and earn money with these games in a good way. These games can be played with some in-game items; these items are found in the form of NFT, so they can be called game NFTs. According to the content of the game, game NFTs can change. For example, you can encounter weapons and warriors as NFTs in a battle-based crypto game.

For having fun and earning money at the same time by playing, you can conduct research into crypto games, like Decentraland, AlienWorlds, and Axie Infinity. Also, if you want to reach more information about NFT-based games, you can read our article.

To sum up, the NFT world is open to all digital types to develop games and other digital platforms. In addition, different areas are achieving the success they want by getting support from NFTs.