In today’s digital age, a fascinating trend has emerged: People are acquiring real-world items and their virtual equivalents on digital platforms. For taking a progressive step to enhance customer satisfaction, Walmart has embraced this trend!

The retail giant is offering the opportunity to purchase items for physical homes while also obtaining corresponding items for virtual properties within House Flip.

House Flip is a game that was developed in collaboration with Fun-Gi. The game provides players with an opportunity to remodel and market virtual residences. Whether it is virtual home decor or exciting in-game discoveries, purchases can be made with a Walmart account. 

Gamers can select decor items from brands, like Mainstays and Better Homes & Gardens, in the virtual Walmart store.

Walmart’s Efforts Within Metaverse

Last year, Walmart teamed up with Funko to sell DC comic books. That same year, it introduced Walmart Land and Universe of Play via Roblox. 

Walmart Land features six islands with games and exclusive items for immersive experiences, including riding a Ferris wheel. In Universe of Play, users delve into virtual toy worlds, earning coins and discovering secrets within the Walmart digital universe.

Moreover, the company partnered with POClab to celebrate hip hop’s 50th anniversary. This initiative shows that Walmart is trying to connect the music industry with the digital space. 

Walmart’s expansion into this dual shopping experience extends beyond home appliances. The retail giant is now introducing virtual clothing inspired by Scoop which will be available on Zepeto, an Asian metaverse platform. This expansion allows users to express their fashion sense not only in the real world but also in their virtual personas.

Thomas Kang, the VP & GM of metaverse commerce at Store No. 8, emphasizes Walmart’s mission: Connecting reality and virtual worlds. He mentioned that almost 90% of the U.S. population lives within 10 miles of a Walmart store. He added that the proximity offers a unique opportunity to merge physical and virtual experiences in a distinct manner.