Mythical Games is a pioneer in shaping “player-owned” economies within the virtual space. Its innovative integration of blockchain technology and NFTs within its game, Blankos Block Party, piqued the interest of gamers.

Now, Blankos Block Party is gearing up for its highly anticipated debut on mobile phones. This move marks a significant stride toward expanding its player base and ensuring Blankos Block Party’s gaming experience reaches a wider audience.

Mythical Games has made a decision to reallocate its development efforts towards adapting its game for mobile devices. This also means simultaneously transitioning the PC version into an ongoing live event format.

This move, simply known as ‘Blankos’, aims to inject a fresh appeal into the franchise. By catering to the increasingly mobile-centric, always-on-the-go generation, Mythical Games is gearing up to broaden its audience base. The company has committed to a comprehensive reconstruction of Blankos Block Party, drawing valuable insights from its previous title.

John Linden, the CEO of Mythical Games, expressed that transitioning to mobile has the potential to yield transformation. However, he cited concerns about high acquisition costs but expressed optimism about the game-changing nature of a mobile-first strategy.

About Mythical Games

Mythical Games functions as a game technology studio, launched in 2018. It serves as a bridge to gamers, creators, brands, and game developers. 

The company specializes in decentralized gaming applications that utilize blockchain technology to design games and empower players to own the assets they create. 

In a Series C1 funding round held in June, Mythical Games secured a substantial $37 million. 

About Blankos Block Party 

Blankos Block Party is an online multiplayer party game that comes as a free-to-play game developed by Mythical Games and Third Kind Games. The game made its debut in 2020 and became the first game on Epic Games Store. 

The game helps players acquire playable NFTs, enhance their in-game characters by procuring loot, and partake in the buying and selling of these virtual assets.

Blankos Block Party is set to leverage on NFL Rivals’ success which garnered nearly 2.5 million downloads on iOS and Android.