Upland and 0N1 FORCE mark a meaningful collaboration to conquer Japan’s untapped market and unveil Tokyo’s virtual expanse. In a groundbreaking move, Tokyo becomes the maiden Asian city to grace Upland’s platform, offering exciting opportunities to create NFTs. It bestows exclusive benefits upon 0N1 FORCE NFT holders with a strategic vision to redefine the metaverse through synergistic endeavors.

Upland’s strategic decision to venture into the land of the rising sun signifies a momentous milestone for the platform. Japan’s remarkable strides towards Web3 gaming make it an ideal and crucial move for the company’s growth. 0N1 FORCE will become an integral part of Upland’s metaverse, establishing Tokyo as the first Asian city represented on the platform.

Upland partners with 0N1 FORCE.

0N1 FORCE partners with OLF to blend cross-platform IP, merging comic book narratives with Web3 gaming experiences. 0N1 FORCE pioneers PFP value in Upland’s Tokyo replica, shaping metaverse economies.

The Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Upland, Dirk Lueth stated genuine excitement about this symbiotic alliance. The team behind Upland is emphasizing Upland’s potential to expand its Japanese network and unite Japanese artists and brands with a vast global audience. 

This partnership aligns seamlessly with Upland’s vision of redefining metaverse paradigms woven into their existing collaborations with FIFA and UNICEF.

Final Words

Upland is a vast blockchain-based metaverse, intricately mapping real-world locations, and promoting three core principles: Play, earn, and connect. On the other hand, 0N1 FORCE is a respected anime PFP project, excelling in NFTs with captivating storytelling and creativity in the metaverse.

The collaborative efforts between these two popular companies mark a significant move in the evolution of metaverse concepts. By fusing compelling storytelling, cutting-edge gaming, and the power of NFTs, they will reshape the way communities interact in the digital realm.