Over the past two decades, PC games have undergone a remarkable evolution. Despite some reports indicating a decrease in influence, the global PC gaming community still boasts of about 1.83 billion players. Amidst this landscape, Ultra, a blockchain-powered PC game distribution platform, is on a mission to empower developers.

Ultra is launching Ultra Arena, an esports platform on its blockchain, in partnership with CLD Distribution for tournaments. The forthcoming launch follows the successful beta testing of the project.

Mark your calendars for August 8, when Ultra Arena officially opens its doors to the gaming community. This platform will leverage the potential of blockchain technology in the world of PC gaming.

Ultra Arena: A New Face of Gaming Tournaments

Ultra Arena goes beyond the norm by welcoming casual and amateur gamers, allowing them to compete with friends in their favorite games. Through this platform, players can participate in tournaments, create teams, and earn rewards by using their Ultra Wallet.

Unlike many tournament platforms that rely on third-party providers and necessitate separate accounts, this platform stands out by seamlessly integrating into gaming apps. This integration eliminates the inconvenience of signing up for multiple accounts or navigating unfamiliar platforms.

One of the unique aspects of the platform is its inclusivity. Players can compete in games regardless of whether they are available on the platform or not. Popular competitive games, like Overwatch 2, League of Legends, and more, will be featured in the tournament. This exceptional feature aims to attract a wider audience to the Ultra ecosystem.

Getting Started on Ultra Arena

After downloading Ultra Client, players require unique digital identities to engage in competitions on the platform. The more the participation, the more credible a user becomes in relation to the community. 

Cheating is highly scorned. If a player is caught, it results in an immediate ban. On the other hand, players who abide by the rules and show consistent progress on the blockchain will be rewarded. For instance, players will be rewarded with early access to new games based on their performance and gaming history.

The platform’s unparalleled inclusivity creates a dynamic and diverse  tournament experience for esports gamers. An approach that not only fosters a sense of community but also broadens the appeal of the ecosystem.