David Ayer, the screenwriter of the famous franchise “The Fast and the Furious”, is venturing into the world of blockchain gaming through his collaboration with NFT technology platform Feature.io. Together, they are launching a Web3 racing game experience called Lollipop.

The Lollipop game is designed to be an interactive experience that combines episodic streaming, gaming, and sports. The game is built on Unreal Engine 5 and is powered by the Polygon blockchain.

The use of NFTs is also incorporated into the game, but Ayer does not want to say NFT to these assets. He and the CEO of Feature.io Steven Ilous prefers to say digital collectibles to them. The collectibles will be traded and collected by the players. In the game, players will get a personalized experience in the game, thanks to these collectibles.

Lollipop is not just a racing game, as it also includes a streaming narrative component and gamification. The game promises to provide an immersive experience for players who are fans of both gaming and storytelling.

Lollipop is a gaming experience by Feature.io and David Ayer

Ayer is very excited for the game because he thinks that people can explore new versions of storytelling and entertainment via blockchain games. In addition to this, he emphasizes that the game will offer a thrilling experience.

The President of Polygon, Ryan Wyatt, also praised the collaboration between Ayer and Feature.io. He believes that the collaboration will help to create a new type of media. We think that Ayer and Feature.io selected Polygon because of the blokchain’s value and power in blockchain gaming. In other words, Polygon is a top blockchain in terms of blockchain games.

About Feature.io

Feature.io is a Web3 technology platform based on storytelling. The platform aims to gather entertainment and storytelling together.

The slogan of the platform is ‘’Next-gen storytelling is here.’’ because the team behind it is producing innovative ideas. Also, the platform empowers the world’s most innovative creators and brands, like David Ayer.