The second season of Tuttle Twins, from the bowels of Angel Studios, will feature an episode about Bitcoin.

Tuttle Twins is a series of children’s books that aim to teach young readers about the principles of liberty, free markets, and entrepreneurship. Connor Boyack created the books, which feature twins Ethan and Emily, who go on adventures and learn important lessons about economics and government.

Executive producer Boyack described Tuttle Twins as “the first kids cartoon teaching about Bitcoin”.

The third episode of the second season, coming up on May 2,  will highlight Bitcoin. The episode titled “Bitcoin and the Beast” discusses whether Bitcoin is superior to conventional payment methods or is just “made up money”. The episode’s trailer also features a parody of billionaire entrepreneur and crypto influencer Elon Musk with Shiba Inu dogs.

Some parents and educators have praised the series for introducing important concepts related to free-market economics and individual liberty. In contrast, others have criticized it for promoting a specific ideological viewpoint. 

The website of the cartoon states the Tuttle Twins books help teaching children “how the world really works”. It also claims that the books acknowledge that the world is full of “companies, people, and politicians” who want to bare children to “ideas you do not support”.

An opinion piece by CNN’s Nicole Hemmer calls Tuttle Twins and other series, such as the Heroes of Liberty and the Brave Books, “ring-wing children’s entertainment”. She notes that the series aims to protect kids from socialism, collectivism, Marxism, and media lies. 

Tuttle Twins
Tuttle Twins

Has crypto previously popped up in the entertainment industry?

There have been movies and series about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the metaverse. The popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory and the blockbuster sci-fi trilogy The Matrix explored themes associated with blockchain technology. Other than movies, like Crypto and Ready Player One, documentaries have looked into various blockchain concepts. These include Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain and Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains, and the Future of the Internet.

Should kids be educated on crypto?

Teaching children about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology can be a beneficial educational experience. Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly mainstream, and understanding them can help children in the development of critical thinking skills, financial literacy, and a better understanding of the digital world.