NILE is making waves in the crypto world and has just announced the launch of Tangled, a Talk to Earn (T2E) life DApp, developed by Frienkly.

About NILE

NILE is a blockchain-based platform in which user can show their creativity and inspiration. The platform is created by Wemade that a South Korean video game developer. NILE stands for NFT Is Life Evolution, and it is powered by a fully decentralized smart contract infrastructure, making it the world’s first DAO-powered blockchain NFT platform.

Tangled is available on NILE.

What is Tangled?

Tangled is a Web3 live chat application that has an AI-based verification process in place to ensure that users have a safe and pleasant chat experience.

Thanks to Frienkly, the application bans users with fake gender and profiles, ensuring that only genuine users participate in the chat sessions. The platform offers live chat with global users, and time points are earned when another user accepts a chat offer. These time points can be saved in Tangled Timepieces, a graded NFT ranging from Luxury to Zenith.

The Tangled Timepieces can be used to access additional features, such as longer live chat time. These pieces can also be exchanged for utility token TIPO. TIPO can be swapped for other digital assets, including WEMIX and WEMIX$ that can be used in many services of the WEMIX3.0 ecosystem.

At that point, we want to mention that the Tangled application is supporting women in the Web3 world. In other words, it tries to decrease psychological and physical violence to women via its woman empowerment structure.

Other Developments in NILE

In addition to Tangled, NILE has launched Kari, a PFP (Profile Picture) project. Kari is a Korean-style dark fantasy universe, and it follows Ari, a virtual human multiverse world.

The creator and community will communicate directly via PAPYRUS, a token/NFT-based messenger, to design the project roadmap together. The contents of the Kari universe will be unveiled shortly, and it promises to be an exciting addition to the NILE platform.

NILE is creating a buzz in the crypto world, and its innovative approach to decentralized projects has the potential to change the way we view and manage projects.