Gala Games empowers players with control and ownership of in-game assets. While 22Cans, known for concepts, like ‘Godus’ and ‘The Trail’, pioneers creative and experimental gameplay. The companies are now joining forces to present an amazing game. 

The game called Legacy is a business simulation and city management game. It was launched on October 26th through Gala Games. In Legacy, players have the opportunity to create, construct, and manage their corporation and its associated company town.

Details of Legacy 

Legacy is derived from the notions of play-to-earn, NFTs, and player ownership. Thanks to blockchain technology, players can earn real money in Legacy by selling their in-game businesses. Trading assets, like workers or factories, will result in skills and NFT perks moving to the new owner.

When players own a land NFT, it unlocks the potential for their personal in-game blockchain business. Additionally, land owners can promote teamwork among gamers by distributing Legacy Keys.

The game fosters creativity and customization; it grants players full control over choices as they strive to ascend the ranks of management magnates.

Iain Wright, the Design Director of 22Cans, stated that everything in Legacy is under the control of the players. He explained that the game combines simulation elements with blockchain technology for a real-world economic system in the in-game business world.

This game presents players with the task of overseeing every facet of their business ecosystem. This encompasses product design, production, worker housing, and town amenities.

Commencing with a clean slate, players have the opportunity to expand their business from its roots to an expansive empire. The game allows players to craft one-of-a-kind products by selecting from vast components while refining their business strategies to gain profit.

Currently, the game is available on Mac and PC by embodying digital ownership and play-to-earn.

The partnership between Gala Games and 22Cans is poised to redefine gaming, providing players with the chance to own their gaming experiences.