Overlord has created an alliance with Dan Houser-backed gaming Studio, Revolving Games, to launch a Creepz NFT-inspired game in the Overlord community. 

According to Overlord co-founder, Dom Smith, the sci-fi, “cross-chain from day zero” game will feature multicolored lizard tokens and will cut across several planets and worlds.

Players will come across various alien communities, and each will be backed by its own backstory. Smith went on to say:

“Each species has their motivations and skills, and due to their unique abundance of resources and technological advancements, have different styles of conquering their enemies.”

Smith commented on the team’s laser focus on ensuring the new game will gain massive mainstream adoption.

Creepz NFT Collection is created by Overlord.
Creepz NFT Collection by Overlord

All You Need To Know About Overlord Game Studio

Overlord is a Brazilian Web3 gaming company founded by Joe Carnell and Dom Smith. Overlord is made up of a multidisciplinary team of industry professionals with a passion for games and game development.

The gaming studio currently has two Web3 games in its portfolio: Rust Raiders and Tiny Little Bastards.

The studio revealed last month that it was collaborating with Seth Green’s Stoopid Buddy Studios to build a Creepz Lizards NFT-based animated series. 

The Creepz Lizards NFT project was developed on the Ethereum network and was launched in January 2022. The collection has accumulated a total of 35,800 ETH (roughly $65 million) in sales volume. Several celebrities, including Steve Aoki, Sia, Elijah Wood, and FaZe Banks, own Creepz NFTs.