Story of TokenLands

TokenLands is an economic P2E simulator of a new world’s colonization combining the WAX Blockchain and web gameplay. The game based uses unique collections of NFT cards with infrastructure facilities, land plots, Avatars, Avatars Level-up, resources, and war-themed NFT which immerses the player in an exciting struggle for wealth and supremacy. The NFT-based game will be launched on 5th March 2022.

Currently Active Utilities

The currently active utilities of TokenLands are activate sector, stake NFT cards, work (Play2Free), mine, bank, and craft.

  • Activate sector: Sectors owners can activate their NFT and get passive income, 10% from all what happened in his/her sector. Staking cards and Work. Depending on the rarity, sectors have the maximum number of cards that can be staked in them and the maximum number of jobs per day.
  • Stake NFT cards: Players can stake those Staking Cards, and they will get passive income. Common card – 5 T-Coin pre\day, Uncommon 10 T-Coin pre\day, Rare 15 T-Coin pre\day, Epic 20 T-Coin pre\day, Legendary 25 Mythical 50 T-Coin pre\day.
  • Work (Play2Free): TokenLands has play-to-earn function. All users with WAX wallets can do work and get 0,3 T-coin pre one work; it’s takes 8 hours.
  • Mine: Each continent has its own unique resource that can be obtained by visiting the mine. Visiting the mine costs 3 T-coin and takes 8 hours. Resources are needed to collect the mythical NFT card “War Factory”. Crafting a mythical NFT requires 300 of each of the five resources. War Factory NFT card is staking card with 50 T-coin pre/day power and mint war-themed NFT which needed to participate in the war.
  • Bank: Players can make deposit their T-coin in Bank from which they will receive a percentage depending on the period for which the deposit was made (1 week to 12 weeks), as well as a chance to receive a prize pack with Avatars and Level up.

Upcoming Utilities

Active avatar, active level-up, auction, and war are the upcoming utilities of TokenLands.

  • Active AVATAR & Level-up: Avatars and Level-Up NFT cards increase the player’s income, depending on the rarity of the NFT cards.
  • Auction: The auction will list the new collection of staking NFT cards every 10 minutes. Players can only bet with T-coins. The starting price will be equal to the number of T-Coins that she can bring in 10 days.
  • War: To participate in the war, players need to stake their T-coin until the end of the war. The war will take place between the continents. War-themed NFT will give players WAR Power, which will determine the strongest in the war. All player on the winning continent will receive more profit during the week.

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

Earning scenarios:

TokenLands has play-to-earn function. All users can do work and get 0,3 T-coin pre one work. Then, players can stake the Staking Cards, and they will get passive income. Sectors owners can activate their NFT and get passive income, 10% from all that happened in his sector from Staking cards and Work.

Burn scenarios:

– Buying NFT cards at TokenLands AUCTION

– Increase in the level of earnings

– Mining Fee

– Stacking T-coins to TokenLands bank

– Stacking T-coins to participate in the War of the Continents


75% of T-coins from Mine and Auction will be burnt or transferred back on smart contract. Rest 25% will be sent to the development team as bonuses.

The total amount of T-coins will be 10 billion, according to TokenLands team’s calculations, if all the cards that they put on sale are involved in the game, and the number of players will be 1 million people, then max. supply of T-coins per year will be about 500 million.

Upcoming Sale

26th of February – Pre-Start Game Pack Sale. You can access the sale by the link:

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

The whitelist is not required for the upcoming sale. In other words, all sale of TokenLands is public.

Team Details

Company Name: MARA Ltd

Address: Russia, 214015, Smolensk, Redfleet lane 5

  • Sergey Deinezhenko, co-founder (phone: +375296771212, E-mail: [email protected])
  • Haidukevich Uladzimir, co-founder, community & promotion manager (Discord: Gaiduchini#4303, E-mail: [email protected])
  • Kozik Yury, co-founder & development manager (Telegram: @puzzlemazl)