Story of Crypto Shots

Crypto Shots is a browser-based First Person Shooter on the WAX and Hive blockchain where you can Play & Earn the token $BOOM. Blend weapon parts into weapons to use in the 3D game, take down enemies, collect characters, and travel to new planets using player-owned spaceships. Or, if you like adrenaline, challenge your friends in the user-owned arenas!

Currently Active Utilities

  • About 20 NFTs are integrated into the game and usable to improve players’ gaming performances in this skill-based 3D game
  • Gaming rewards in Crypto Shots’ WAX token $BOOM (and soon Hive token too)
  • In-game wallet with staking feature of the player-earned $BOOM token
  • In-game inventory and marketplace
  • The first level currently live in alpha (beta to be announced)

*Second level is currently being implemented.

Upcoming Utilities


  • Reward boosters (to align with the whitepaper)
  • Scholarships [next weekend (15.04.2022-16.04.2022)]
  • Support for mobile browsers
  • Integration with Hive blockchain [end of April]

{The proof of concept to integrate the NFTs and token is fully functional. The team behind Crypto Shots just got retweeted by the official account about this!}

  • Level-2 [end of April at least on testnet]


-More use cases for BOOM are being worked on (as per whitepaper and more). For instance, soon players will require to stake some BOOM to play.

-Crypto Shots’ CPU Consumption is pretty low. It’s a plus but it’s also a con because it means the team behind Crypto Shots is not fully decentralized. The team is aiming to be, they just added a new blockchain dev, so the count is now up to 3 (but they are working full-stack, not only on smart contracts).

-The players’ daily average earning is around 10$.

-There is a $72K buy order for BOOM at 0.4 WAX by one of Crypto Shots’ partners, the manager of a hedge fund (The circumstance was announced on the Discord of Crypto Shots already).

-Crypto Shots is partner also with Krypton and Goldmand.

(You can see all partners of Crypto Shots on the project’s website.)

-Crypto Shots is in the first positions for the ranking (All, WAX, Hive)

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

Players earn some $BOOM token every time they take down any enemy. They can choose 3 levels of difficulty for each level of the game. The easy difficulty rewards a bit less and the hard one a bit more. If the user manages to complete the level rewards boosters are applied and depend on which booster NFTs the player has in their wallet. The players can use certain weapons in the 3D game only if they own them in their inventory. The same applies to life extensions, aiming scope, teleports, speed boosters, etc.

The BOOM token earned in every match can be claimed or it can be put in savings to accrue interest.

Users in the Discord of Crypto Shots are pre-mining the $MARS token with a bot that the team behind Crypto Shots developed as they did with $BOOM before the 3D game went live. Users in the near future will be able to earn $MARS by staking $BOOM, plus they’ll earn $MARS in the 3rd level of the game, once released.

Upcoming Sale

1. There is an auction currently live on the Discord of Crypto Shots. It started on Sunday, and it ends on Wednesday at 6 pm UTC. Users can bid on spaceship. Spaceships are used by the players that want to start any level of the game. Each of them has a different wait time for the player to start playing, and different transport costs (WAX or BOOM). They only have to be used once a day and allow the player to play the level they choose all day up to the maximum amount of time given by their characters (NFTs) and weapons (NFTs).

2. When the team behind Crypto Shots launches the 2nd level of the game, they will have a drop for weapons specific for this level and 2 new characters. Also, they will auction both maps of the levels so that users can earn passive income on all players wins.

3. The team is also planning on doing a Sale for NFTs that they will create on the Hive Blockchain. Users will be rewarded with a Hive-based token for playing. On this occasion, the team will also auction one more spaceship (for Hive users only) that charges our Hive token/Hive.

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

1. Live auction for spaceships – need to reach level-1 XP on the Discord of Crypto Shots and register the wallet

2. Users with the roles tekno, teleport, and sneak-pass-holder will have access to a pre-drop.

3. No whitelist planned at the moment.

Team Details

Crypto Shots is whitelisted by AtomicHub and nowadays they do KYC to do so.

The team will be fully doxxed once the income coming from this project will allow some of the team members to quit their day job to only focus on this. Some team members already did and all the others plan to, once feasible.

Some potential issues with current employers and the risk of other projects reaching out to the blockchain devs with big offers are the reasons for which the names are not public yet.

You can some public information about the team of Crypto Shots by the link: