Two-time Oscar Awards winner, famous director, and iconic actor, Sir Anthony Hopkins has curated an entirely new and exciting NFT collection titled The Descendant NFT Collection.

Born in 1938, Anthony Hopkins is one of Britain’s most prolific movie actors and is quite popular for his role as Odin in Marvel’s “Thor”. 

He showcased a series of audio messages walking us through his journey into NFTs – leading to the Eternal Collection 1:1 edition NFT.

Sir Anthony shared his message live from inside the metaverse during the recently concluded NFT Paris. He said that 100 of his live audio messages have been airdropped and gifted to the first 100 eternal collection holders. 

The messages (now turned into NFTs) show him explaining how important blockchain is today and how it offers incredible potential for everyone regardless of their age. He cited that he’s 85 yet he’s a beneficiary of this beautiful technology.

The Eternal Collection: The First NFT Collection of Anthony Hopkins

This is not the first time the iconic movie star is exploring the blockchain world. Last year, his first NFT collection, The Eternal Collection, sold out immediately on OpenSea. 

The award-winning star partnered with Orange Comet (a Web3 studio) to produce, mint, and launch the collection – a limited edition of 1,000 NFTs – in August 2022.

The Eternal NFT Collection showcased 10 character archetypes Hopkins has played throughout his film career, including Odin from “Thor” and Hannibal Lecter in “The Silence of the Lambs”. The incredible collection was created by using styles and themes from the artwork in those movies.

This new collection called The Descendants (also produced, minted, and launched by Orange Comet) is a continuation of the Eternal Collection and an attempt to immortalize the “eternal bloodline”. 

Holders of the previous NFT collection will be rewarded with two free pieces of this new collection for every piece (of the first collection) they have.

Sir Anthony Hopkins’ venture into the crypto community at 85 years of age shows the significance of blockchain technology in breaking barriers and helping more people achieve their dreams no matter who they are.