A few days ago, the popular makeup brand, NYX Professional Makeup, introduced GORJS that is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) developed on the Ethereum Blockchain. The main aim of this DAO is encouraging the growth of the 3D artist community.  

The DAO will be giving out a limited collection of NFT access passes to its first 1000 members called FKWME Pass. On January 31st, GORJS will be running an allowlist sale in which NFT enthusiasts, collectors, and individuals can pre-mint FKWME, pronounced “fuck with me”, NFTs and access GORJS. The full NFT drop is expected to be released on February 1st. 

FKWME NFT Access Pass

In the brand’s litepaper, GORJS’ governance methods, its tokeneconomics, and the role of FKWME Pass are explained in detail. 

The global brand president of NYX Cosmetics, Yann Joffredo, stated about the subject: 

“With our first FKWME NFT collection, GORJS is elevating 3D creators across the industry, and cultivating growth, equity, and innovation within the community, and ultimately, providing them a path to success within the Web3 ecosystem.”

In GORJ’s newest voting mechanism, FKWME Pass holders can use tokens to cast their votes on which airdrop they would like to receive from the first season’s collection. GORJS stated that it will give out a minimum of 12 airdrops to FKWME NFT holders over a period of three years. However, artists will control how many airdrops exactly will be available to FKWME NFT holders.

The members of the DAO will be able to vote for various DAO proposals and initiatives using non-transferable GORJS governance tokens with a total supply of 100 million.

The Importance of GORJS for Digital Creators

NYX Cosmetics believes that there is beauty in diversity and is activating the first-ever community-led DAO to give all creators, including marginalized and underrepresented groups, an opportunity to shine brighter. 

Other than providing artists with a one-of-a-kind creative site for partnership discovery, a chance for increased global reach, a full set of creator tools, and the ability to receive funding for their personal NFT projects, they will also have access to other artists involved in the DAO.

Artists in the DAO maintain the whole control of their creative work’s intellectual property, allowing them to collect royalties. The company has raised a team of some of the most active innovators in this field to join GORJS and increase awareness and enthusiasm about the DAO.