The 1inch Hardware Wallet is a cutting-edge solution for cold crypto storage, and the wallet is considered for 1inch Network’s main goal: expanding its ecosystem in terms of projects and goods. The latest information from the decentralized exchange shows that it has informed its customers of its plans to enter the hardware sector. According to the company, the project which is expected to be presented later in 2023, is in its final stages. 

What are the unique features of 1inch Network’s wallet?

Transparent transaction signing, as opposed to blind signing enabled by some other devices, will be available for its users via the hardware wallet. Complete transaction processing and offline analysis of call data are performed to counter hacker attempts and money theft. The device will notify the user immediately if a transaction they are signing on the website or in the mobile app is hacked.

Also, the wallet doesn’t have buttons and require connection, so it can be stated that the device is entirely air-gapped. All information is transferred by using QR codes, or alternatively NFC. The hardware wallet weighs 70 grams and is 4mm thin, so it is about the size of a credit card. Furthermore, this product is incredibly user-friendly and effective due to a 2.7″ E-Ink grayscale touch display with light and dark modes that makes the clients’ usage easier. 

The wallet will feature a “Gorilla Glass 6 surface and stainless-steel frame. The company claims that the battery can last for two weeks of normal use. Also, the wallet will come in five different colors and support wireless charging. The company has initiated a waitlist program and will let the public know when the product is ready to the general market. Lastly, according to 1inch Network, the Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet algorithm is supported by the hardware wallet’s architecture.

In this field, we can encounter and use different hardware wallets to store and protect our digital assets, and now, it is time to take a chance on 1inch Network’s hardware wallet!