Earlier this week, OpenAI gifted its users and AI enthusiasts with an advanced version of the viral AI, ChatGPT. Tagged as the most “creative and collaborative” iteration of ChatGPT, the new model, GPT-4, has been claimed to be able to detect loopholes and security flaws in Ethereum smart contracts. 

OpenAI’s co-founder, Sam Altman, called the “multimodal” chatbot the “most capable and aligned model yet”.

On Tuesday, OpenAI gave a live demo of the abilities and limitations of GPT-4. The latest ChatGPT model can scan pictures for information and analyze obscure tax codes.

The president and co-founder of OpenAI, Greg Brockman, was quick to explain that the new model will produce better results when checked. He said:

“It isn’t perfect but neither are you and together it’s this amplifying tool that lets you just reach new heights.”

Can ChatGPT-4 Detect Security Flaws in Smart Contracts?

The director at Coinbase, Conor Grogan, has used GPT-4 to fish out vulnerabilities and errors in a smart contract.

With the satisfactory results he got, the Coinbase director stated:

“I believe that AI will ultimately help make smart contracts safer and easier to build, two of the biggest impediments to mass adoption.”

This ability of GPT-4 will prove quite useful in developing sustainable dApps, protocols, and other Web3 projects. The advanced chatbot is currently available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers at $20 monthly. OpenAI has also partnered with firms, like Morgan Stanley and Duolingo, to grant users access at a fee.

The Benefits of ChatGPT in the Crypto and NFT Space

As a language model, ChatGPT can provide several benefits to the crypto and NFT space.

ChatGPT can be a useful educational resource for those who want to learn about crypto and NFTs. Moreover, it can help crypto investors and traders by providing market analysis and insights. By analyzing market data and historical trends, ChatGPT can provide predictions and recommendations on which cryptocurrencies or NFTs to invest in.  

ChatGPT can provide a platform for discussion and conversation that connects individuals sharing a common interest in these emerging technologies. Furthermore, it can help facilitate the development of new technologies and applications that can benefit the broader community by providing a platform for experimentation and exploration.

To sum up, ChatGPT is a great technological development to improve the crypto space, NFTs, and Metaverse.