METU Blockchain Community hosted more than 1000 participants in the last year’s Blockchain Days. Following the success of last year, the community is announcing the highly anticipated Blockchain Days 2024. This year, the event is set to exceed expectations, emphasizing interactivity and fostering international collaboration. As a media partner, we are glad to share the amazing event’s details with you!

The Success Story of Blockchain Days

In 2023, the first-ever Blockchain Days dazzled attendees with a vibrant foyer, playing host to 18 diverse panels, a symphony of insights from 41 speakers, hands-on workshops, electrifying networking events, and dazzling showcases of local and global projects. Building on this resounding success, get ready for 2024, where the community is turning up the excitement, taking the experience to new heights, and ensuring every moment is a celebration of their journey so far!

Details of Blockchain Days 2024

Blockchain Days 2024 will be held on March 9-10. The first event day will be in-person, while the second day will be an online experience. The offline day will be held at METU Culture and Congress Center, Ankara, Turkey. For those unable to join in person, the online component will be accessible for live streaming. All panel videos will be available post-event on METU Blockchain Community’s YouTube channel.

The event’s goals consist of anticipating over 1000 participants, creating a more interactive and international space, strengthening ties with local and global projects, and being the largest student-led blockchain event in Turkey.

Why You Should Attend Blockchain Days 2024?

Blockchain Days 2024 is not just an event; it is an immersive experience. As a participant, you will participate in panels that engage discussions with thought leaders. Also, there will be workshops that are hands-on learning experiences by industry experts. Moreover, you can connect with professionals and enthusiasts in the sector to develop your network. In addition to these, there will be project showcases where you can discover local and global blockchain initiatives.


If you want to develop your understanding of the global blockchain landscape, you should not miss Blockchain Days 2024! To be part this transformative event, register at

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