As a media partner, we want to announce an amazing event connecting the art and music sectors with the NFT space. The event is known as NFT Fest Lugano, and it will be held in Lugano, Switzerland on September 7-11.

What is NFT Fest Lugano?

NFT Fest Lugano is an event which involves mainly music, other art fields, and gaming by focusing on Web3 technologies and the NFT community. The popularity of Lugano NFT Week 2021 and Metaforum 2022 gave birth to the event. The fest will be held in Lugano Convention & Exhibition Center.

Lugano is selected for the event because the adaption of Bitcoin in the city is very high. Also, there is a huge interest in the NFT world and other Web3 technologies there. Hence, NFT Fest Lugano will be organized, and it will attract approximately 5000 visitors.

In Lugano, NFT Fest will be organized.

What awaits you at NFT Fest Lugano?

Three particular areas will be considered in the fest. The first area is NFT Art which will involve exhibitions by major international artists, like Federico Clapis, Giovanni Motta, Dangiuz, and so on. Moreover, there will be gallery owners and art curators who entered into the Web3 world.

NFT Music will represent the new and emerging area of development related to copyright, including presentations of the most critical projects and debates with industry experts on IP.

In addition to these two areas, NFT Gaming will be considered. In the area, play-to-earn theme linked to cryptocurrencies through tournaments, exclusive drops, discussions, and presentations developed by the leading industry operators will be the main elements.

Furthermore, we want to mention that LUGANO CASINO, the main sponsor of the event, will organize exclusive events with gaming experiences related to NFTs and a raffle of rarities (analogue and digital).

With these areas, you can get the chance to listen to significant speeches and participate in workshops held by international professionals in this sector during NFT Fest Lugano.

From the creation of smart contracts to copyright through blockchain, a lot of different subjects will be examined. Also, Swiss and European regulations in the crypto sector will be considered during the event.  

With the above mentioning, there will be an exciting Web3 competition called NFT World Cup! The tournament will be held on Intraverse, a new concept gaming layer that brings together metaverse platforms, blockchains, and NFT projects with the scope of interoperability and accessibility.

This competition, which will be held on August 27, aims to boost the engagement of the Web3 collections and games that will be brave enough to attend, through a fighting game and various social quests.

Over 32 NFT projects will participate in this competition where all their communities will have a chance to showcase their skills in the decentralized space in order to see the floor of the best collections rise to new ATHs.

NFT World Cup 2023 is free-to-play, and any NFT degen is super welcome to pick an avatar and keep high the pride of their favorite community! All avatars are brought to life by Intraverse which transforms literally each partner project’s PFP into playable characters for the gameplay. If you respect the selection criteria, you can apply for the competition by clicking here.

Lastly, we want to emphasize that there will be different parties during the event! Opening Party will be held on September 7 while Friday Night Party and DJ Set will be held on September 8. In addition, there will be Gala Dinner and After Party on September 9. These parties aim to entertain the Web3 community in a good way.

If you want to expand your knowledge and network in the Web3 space, you should not miss NFT Fest Lugano! You can reach the tickets for the event here.