As a media partner of Cutting-Edge Games Conference (CGC), we want to announce CGC Online which will be held on April 17-18!

You can reach the details of the amazing event with this content.

What is CGC?

Since 2018, CGC organizes international conferences focusing on the relationship between video games and innovative technologies, like Web3, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and virtual reality (VR).

From its founding date to today, CGC organized 12 conferences, and these conferences covered more than 22000 attendees and more than 100 countries.

With CGC’s conferences, people got the chance to make appropriate partnerships, develop their knowledge about innovative technologies, and expand their network!

What awaits you at CGC Online?

CGC Online will be held on April 17-18 with a rich program of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and product demonstrations.

In the event, participants will encounter various features in CGC Online:

  • Expert Keynote Speakers: Participants will get the chance to listen to industry leaders and experts. These people will focus on the latest developments and trends.
  • Interactive Panel Discussions: The future of gaming will be covered with lively and informative discussions.
  • Product Demonstrations: Participants will encounter hands-on demonstrations of the latest products and technologies.
  • Networking Opportunities: At the event, there will be attendees and professionals from around the world, so connecting with industry professionals and building valuable connections are the important points of CGC Online.
  • Showcase of the Latest Technology: How technologies are changing the face of entertainment and gaming will be understood during the event.

Final words

If you are interested in the intersection of blockchain, games, NFTs, AR, VR, and AI, you should not miss CGC Online!

You can get a free ticket for the event here.