Hello NFT lovers! In this article, we come up with an NFT-based game about space called SpaceCraftX. You should learn all the details about this game and get involved in the adventure!

SpaceCraftX and the Story of the Project

SpaceCraftX is a space NFT game on the WAX Blockchain. The game has a perfect economic model, an interesting plot, and the possibility to exchange game tokens for cryptocurrency. Basically, you should extract a variety of space resources and build up your own mining plants in the game, so you can feel like a real space creator with the help of SpaceCraftX. Before mentioning the significant details of the game project, we would like to state the story of SpaceCraftX.

Individuals encountered a devastating lack of resources, so people require alternative sources of energy and the resources found outside the Earth for surviving and developing the Earth civilization. People should select the path of space craftsmen, but only brave Earthlings can choose the path because space craftsmen spend their days far from their home planet, taking part in long-lasting dangerous journeys – in search of new powerful reserves and energy sources. Hence, the work of space craftsmen is difficult and dangerous!

At the first stage of their journey, space craftsmen have an opportunity to extract three space elements that are highly valued by Earthlings. These three space elements are ‘Waves’, ‘Cosmic Dust’, and ‘Dark Matter’. By waves, energy can be synthesized while cosmic dust and dark matter are used for repairing and buying tools.

Old Sales of SpaceCraftX

SpaceCraftX was launched on 16th November 2021, and the game had its first pack sale on 25th November 2021, and the last sale of the project in 2021 was on 9th December.

In the first sale:

-1000 stellar packs (2 NFTs/Pack) = $200 

-400 interstellar packs (5 NFTs/Pack) = $500 

The second sale was split into 2 sales with separate whitelists:

  • Tier 1 pack sale
  • Tier 2 pack sale

Pack Supply:

-2250 stellar v2 packs, $200 each (1 NFT inside).

-1100 interstellar v2 packs, $600 each (3 NFT inside).

Pack Odds:

-36.04% Common

-34.86% Uncommon

-28.83% Rare

-0.27% Ultra-rare

Also, SpaceCraftX performed the first AMA session on 23rd January 2022.

Active Properties of SpaceCraftX

In the last quarter of 2021, SpaceCraftX tested the smart contract and assets on the WAX Testnet, and then, the smart contract on main-net was completed. After that, the team behind the project released SoMe channels, and the game was launched. Also, a free tool drop was carried out. Moreover, in that time, Crew IDs were introduced. Crew IDs can be crafted with in-game resources to boost the performance of tools. You can visit the ingame ‘Market’ tab to see current crafting costs. Crew IDs have three different rarities called common (Liwei Crew), uncommon (Gagagarin Crew), and rare (Armstrong Crew). You can increase the claim time, the mining power, energy, and strength usage by the same multipliers with the help of Crew IDs. Furthermore, you should know that Crew IDs will be used for other purposes in the future.

In the first quarter of 2022, the important topics of SpaceCraftX are industrial tools, industrial planets, difficulty bomb, game treasury creation, and “Space Commander NFT” presentation.

  • Industrial tools are the tools that take space crafters to another level of mining and their space craft organizing. There tools are balanced better than the previous ones and are more profitable. As usual, the industrial tools have different rarities, and higher rarities come with more mining power and usually with increased efficiency compared to the lower tier tools in the game.
  • Industrial planets are the locations for spacecraft base. Thanks to them, space crafters can work not only with their manual tools, but also develop their activity to an industrial scale. There are three rarities of the planets called uncommon (Ustium), rare (Evium), and ultrarare (Zlatium). In the nearest future, each planet will be identified, will have its own unique name and place in SpaceCraftX metaverse. At the second phase of the game, initial events of the game plot will take place on this particular SpaceCraftX industrial planet. At the initial stage of the game, the industrial planet will give the possibility to use industrial tools.
  • Difficulty bomb or space anomaly is a mechanism which reduces the amount of resources extracted with each card according to a certain principle. This reduction can be applied both for a certain amount and in percentage rate during a certain period of time.
  • A game treasury is a place where the tokens are coming from the commission for withdrawal from the game, a fixed percentage of WAX from the commission for trading the collection gaming assets and a fixed percentage from each drop. The treasury will be managed by the community after the launch of the DAO.
  • Space Commander NFT is a type of cards which allows you to take part in some share of income distribution gained from all kinds of game activity. After the launch of gaming DAO only the participants of “Space Commander NFT” will be able to initiate community management. Other participants will be able to support a particular initiative.

Hence, you should regularly check the roadmap of SpaceCraftX to be informed about the significant subjects.

Future Properties of SpaceCraftX

In the future, SpaceCraftX will launch a mobile application, and the process will be in the second quarter of 2022. Also, Phase I will end at that time. In the third and fourth quarter of 2022, Phase II will start. In other words, we will encounter the second strategy game of SpaceCraftX at that time! In the first quarter of 2023, Phase III will begin, and the circumstance refers to the launch game DAO. In the last quarter of 2023, Phase IV will start, and the phase will involve the launch of full-fledged 3D space play-to-earn game SpaceCraftX.

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics in SpaceCraftX

In SpaceCraftX, there are three resources with matching tokens. The first token is SCIC as Cosmic Dust Token, and the max supply is 10000000000000.0000 SCIC. The second token is SCID as Dark Matter Token, and the max supply is 1000000000.0000 SCID. The last token is SCIW as Waves Token, and the max supply is 10000000000000.0000 SCIW. The tokens are core in the game and more use cases will come.

You can analyze the above flowchart of the token use cases for understanding the tokenomics of SpaceCraftX.

In general, players can earn tokens with the help of tools in the game. Then, they can produce NFTs by utilizing the tokens, and the NFTs can be sold.

Today’s Sale of SpaceCraftX

The upcoming planet sale of SpaceCraftX in AtomicHub will be on 2nd February 2022 at 5:00 pm GMT.

There will be 4 types of packs which consist of 90% industrial planets and a small supply of tools that are only exclusive to our top players.

Baikonur pack – 99 pcs | Price: 2800 WAX

-10 assets

-50% Industrial Planet (60% uncommon, 30% rare 10% ultrarare)

-30% Industrial Tools (80% uncommon, 20% rare)

-20% Crew ID (80% uncommon, 20% rare)

Cape Canaveral pack – 999 pcs | Price: 1200 WAX

-4 assets

-60% Industrial Planet (60% uncommon, 30% rare 10% ultrarare)

-20% Industrial Tools (80% uncommon, 20% rare)

-20% Crew ID (80% uncommon, 20% rare)

Kourou pack – 999 pcs | Price: 650 WAX

-2 assets

-80% Industrial Planet (60% uncommon, 30% rare 10% ultrarare)

-20% Industrial Tools (80% uncommon, 20% rare)

Tanegashima pack – 999 pcs | Price: 338 WAX

-1 asset

-90% Industrial Planet (60% uncommon, 30% rare 10% ultrarare)

-10% Industrial Tools (80% uncommon, 20% rare)

Website: https://spacecraftx.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Space_CraftX

Telegram: https://t.me/SpaceCraftX_official

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/spacecraftx

Medium: https://medium.com/@spacecraft.nft