If you want to get information about avant-garde innovation and creativity around Metaverse, you should be ready! We would like to inform you about an international convention called Metaverse Summit. Also, you should know that NFT Horizon is the media partner of Metaverse Summit. Now, it is time to analyze the details of Metaverse Summit!

What awaits you at Metaverse Summit?

Metaverse Summit is an international convention that celebrates the technology and creativity around Metaverse. The event will be held on July 16-17th 2022 in Paris, France. Generally, Metaverse Summit will gather leading Metaverse entrepreneurs, investors, experts, and builders.

There will be more than 100 speakers, more than 30 exhibitors, and more than 10000 community members, so people can be informed about Metaverse in a good way. Furthermore, another goal of the event is to build a bridge between Web2 and Web3, so individuals, especially companies, can develop their positioning and strategy in the future of the technology.

Why you should participate in Metaverse Summit?

Conference & Exhibition

At Metaverse Summit, there will be exciting and informative activities, such as conferences and exhibitions, so you can improve your knowledge about the field. Also, the exhibition hall will involve companies and start-up and project showcase, so you can expand your network and encounter amazing business opportunities.

*There will be successful leaders from the field, like Sébastien Borget (COO and Co-Founder of Sandbox and President of the Blockchain Game Alliance), Julien Bouteloup (Founder of Blackpool Finance and Stake DAO & Stake Capital), Alan Smithson from MetaVRse, Hrish Lotlikar (Co-Founder & CEO of SuperWorld), Marco Demiroz from The VR Fund, and so on.

Investor Lounge & Start-up Pitch

Investors will meet with the winning projects of Metaverse Start-up Competition, and they can get the chance of discovering Metaverse-based start-ups and talents. Hence, you can show your ability in the field and meet with successful investors during Metaverse Summit.

Networking & Party

As we mentioned above, Metaverse Summit is a proper event for networking and expanding existent network, so you should participate in the event. Also, there will be an exclusive party that is attained by VIP ticket holders, sponsors, and speakers.

Four Metaverse Tracks Included by Metaverse Summit

SOCIAL & DIGITAL IDENTITY: Explore creator economy-based social worlds. Create, socialize, and participate in a wide variety of new experiences.

WEB3 & DECENTRALISATION: Get acquainted with new forms of ownership and how to create, store, sale, protect, and manage Metaverse assets.

GAMING & REAL-TIME 3D: Learn how to establish persistent, real-time connections in immersive digital, and three-dimensional environments.

MIXED REALITY & VIRTUAL WORLD: Merge real and virtual worlds to produce new environments in real-time. Explore AR, VR, and other formats.


People can develop their business in the field, and they can meet with individuals who have enough experience and knowledge about Metaverse during Metaverse Summit, so the event is organized, well-structured, and full of information! If you want to get significant information about Metaverse, gaming, VR/AR, Web3, virtual worlds, real-time technology, blockchain technology, 3D, social and digital identity, and art, you should not miss Metaverse Summit!

*Metaverse Summit will launch NFT ticketing, so you should go to the website of Metaverse Summit to examine the ticketing system of the event.

We would like to finish the news with the statements of Yingzi Yuan, founder of Metaverse Summit:

“We are honored to host the World’s biggest Metaverse convention and festival in Paris, featuring key speakers, media attendees, and partners. Metaverse gained tremendous traction during the past years and is expected to see continuous growth in the upcoming years and beyond. We are here to facilitate the growth of different stakeholders in the industry, to help brands, startups, and corporates find their place and strategy regarding Metaverse.”


Website: https://metaverse-summit.org/

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/metaverse_conf

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/metaversesummit

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/metaversesummit/

Telegram: https://t.me/metaverse_summit