In a previous article, we emphasized that the role of communities is important in the NFT world, so people should research into the community of the NFT-based project they are interested in. Hence, digital artists and NFT game publishers should consider building a strong NFT community, but how can they do this? We answer the question by listing important steps in the construction process of a strong NFT community, and you should consider the steps to improve your NFT community. Let’s start with the first step!

Deciding on the social platform

As a lot of people know, NFT-based brands show their artwork and other details via social media platforms, like Twitter and Discord. If you want to create a strong NFT community or develop your NFT community, you should consider the differences between the social media platforms. For instance, you should answer ‘’What are the benefits of Twitter or Discord to expand my community?’’. If we compare Twitter and Discord, we can say that Twitter is a public social media platform, and a lot of people can reach your NFT-based project. Also, on Twitter, individuals generally use informal communication, so there is a more sincere environment than on other social media platforms. On the other hand, formal communication is usually used in Discord, and most of the NFT brands share their announcements in the platform. Moreover, people can interact with the members of an NFT community and reach necessary information about the brands via Discord easily and quickly. Hence, you should choose the suitable social media platform(s) to reach your followers and expand your community in the NFT world.

Establishing a vision and goals

In addition to the selection of suitable social media platforms to reach individuals and share information with them, considering the vision, mission, and goals of the NFT-based project is important. If you want to create a strong NFT community, you should establish a vision because people do not follow your project if you do not show your vision and direction. For example, your vision behind the NFT project can be introducing qualified digital artwork to individuals or providing people with a proper way of earning money. With your vision, you can attract different people to participate in your project. Furthermore, you should present your goals for the future of your project, and you can prepare a roadmap for the circumstance. If people encounter a detailed timeline, they want to participate in the project to improve themselves in the NFT world. Hence, you should consider the details of organizational structure and culture to establish a strong NFT community and expand your community.

Instilling faith

In every case, reliance on the head has a significant role because people can lose their power and influence without a safe environment. If you want to create a strong NFT community and make it sustainable, you should prepare an environment with faith. In other words, individuals should rely on you, your talent, and the future of your NFT brand. For the situation, you should assort with your roadmap. You may not be able to implement your timeline as you want sometimes due to various problems, but you should make the necessary explanations to your community via the selected social media platforms regularly to keep the trust of the community. If people rely on your plans, you can reach more individuals to expand your NFT community. Hence, you must create and maintain a trusting environment for your community.

Holding events

As we mentioned above, people can interact with the members of an NFT community via some social media platforms, and then, they can decide whether they participate in the NFT project. The circumstance can be supported by various events. In other words, you can hold different events to create and maintain a strong NFT community. For example, you can organize regular AMAs for increasing the interaction in your community. With different events, you can recognize the followers of your project, and also, they can recognize you in a good way. If the interaction channels in your community are improved, you can develop your NFT community. In addition to NFT-based events, you can utilize different events, such as a movie night or gaming competition, to create and improve a strong NFT community. Hence, you should research events that can catch people’s attention.


We mentioned the necessary steps in the construction process of a strong NFT community above. In addition to these steps, you should consider the favor of your community. In other words, there should be a bilateral relationship rather than a one-sided relationship; you should support your community, and the community also should support you and your NFT project.