Alibaba Cloud, a division of the Chinese tech giant Alibaba, has revealed its plans to develop a blockchain lab in Shibuya next month.

The lab will be a product of the partnership with Tokyu Land Corporation and Skeleton Crew Studio. According to an announcement by Alibaba News, the lab is intended to expand Web3 revenue potential for Japanese gaming developers by allowing them direct access to the Web3 partner network of the company.

In addition to regular workshops and networking opportunities, developers will have access to the most recent Web3 technological developments and up-to-date information via the lab. 

For now, only a few clients actively working with Alibaba Cloud will have access to the blockchain lab. Also, the participants in the hackathon and engineers working for partner companies with expertise in blockchain and the company will have access to the brand-new Web3 facility in Shibuya.

Alibaba Cloud is very active in Web3.

Alibaba Cloud is very active in the Web3 space

To provide developers with a better user-friendly experience using its cloud infrastructure, Alibaba Cloud will also introduce a blockchain node service in Japan later this year. While in its pilot stage, the project has only been made accessible to a selected group of individuals.

Furthermore, the company is collaborating with HashKey, a provider of financial services for digital assets, to host a Web3 hackathon campaign that will commence on April 2 and last throughout four Asian areas.

In addition to these movements of the company in the Web3 space, we can mention the other partnerships between the company and blockchains/blockchain-based projects. For example, Avalanche is integrated into Alibaba Cloud. Also, EDNS partnered with the company to explore the potential of decentralized domain name services.

Let’s see the benefits and impact of the blockchain lab by Alibaba Cloud in the Web3 space!