Sega, renowned for its Sonic the Hedgehog, has entered into a licensing agreement with Line Next.

The collaboration will create a groundbreaking Web3 game. This decision has raised eyebrows, as Sega previously showed reluctance towards blockchain-based gaming. Just last week, Sega executive Shuji Utsumi openly criticized play-to-earn titles. He labelled them as boring and questioned the credibility of this innovative gaming model.

Line Next, based in South Korea, is a division of the mobile messaging firm Line. The company is fully committed to the expansion and development of the NFT ecosystem. In May, the company introduced its Web3 gaming platform, Game Dosi, which prioritizes user and game-centric services.

Under the management of Line Next, Game Dosi offers a seamless experience for both dedicated Sega fans and newcomers. The platform provides them with accessible and enjoyable Web3 content.

With the licensing agreement, Line Next will have the authorization to utilize one of Sega’s incredibly popular game intellectual properties. The firm will then transform this IP into an innovative Web3 game. This exciting new title will be presented on the Game Dosi platform. 

Line Next will provide support for NFT production, digital payments, and marketing campaigns. These activities align with their mission to promote Web3 gaming. Further information regarding the game will be unveiled in due course.

Sega Exercises Caution

In a recent announcement, Sega revealed its decision to delegate the task of developing a significant portion of their own games into Web3 games to external partners, such as Line Next in this specific case.

However, Shuji Utsumi, Co-Chief Operating Officer at Sega, emphasized:

“While some of the ideas put forth by blockchain advocates in the video game industry may sound radical to most, we must recognize that these are the pioneers. We should never underestimate them.”

Seeing big companies, like Sega, while dealing with the Web3 space is a good development because Web3 gaming can be adopted in a good way with these companies’ efforts. We think that the move of Sega can change the attitude of other companies that have negative thoughts about the digital space.