The US-based NFT-affiliated associate of LINE, LINE NEXT, unveiled to the Web3 community how it will roll out five games on its GAME DOSI platform. The games are set to be readily accessible any time in 2023’s second half.

The five games are Vestria the Last Order (VLO), Sweet Monster Guardians, KEROZ, Drawship Kingdom Reverse, and Project GD. The company declared that each game exhibits unique game mechanisms with the focus on NFTs. 

Players have the chance to fully submerge themselves into a team role-playing adventure in the virtual world of Vestria The Last Order. They can form a group and go on thrilling adventures together. The SIS Studio-created PC and Mac game has a Final Fantasy-inspired feel to it.

The first game with pre-sale will be MoviSoft’s Sweet Monster Guardians. The arrangement of unique characters that made up the browser-based game was organized in a strategic defensive system.

There is a brand-new game available on the market for enthusiasts of “rogue like” dungeon crawling games, titled ‘’KEROZ’’. This action-adventure game is made by Superflex and is accessible on both PC and mobile devices. 

In Drawship Kingdom Reverse, players have a special opportunity to win NFT rewards by using avatars, machines, and dolls. The developer of the browser-based game is Nolatency Limited. 

There isn’t much information available about Project GD, but the website of GAME DOSI suggests that it will take the form of a trading card game (TCG) with NFT cards.

A supplementary lineup of additional games with widely known material will be published later this year.


The Finschia blockchain, previously known as LINE Blockchain and Link Chain, serves as the foundation for the GAME DOSI platform. The native cryptocurrency of Finschia is called Link. The potential of this NFT-centric platform is widely anticipated by the gaming industry.

The formal release of GAME DOSI is scheduled on May 18. The business will also hold a membership sale with gold and platinum-tier NFT passes. Among other advantages, these passes guarantee early entry to the latest games.

LINE NEXT seeks to expand the worldwide NFT market and offer fresh digital experiences with an interest in blockchain and NFT technology. According to its team, LINE NEXT is creating a path for the future.