On Friday, LG Electronics revealed a sneak peek at a new NFT collection on its LG Art Lab medium. This NFT project includes artwork made by sculptor Barry X Ball.

Who Is Barry X Ball?

Barry X Ball is an American sculptor best known for his highly polished, large-scale sculptures that blend classical techniques with cutting-edge digital technologies. He creates sculptures by combining hand-carving techniques with digital software to produce highly reflective and intricate pieces that challenge conventional notions of form and material. 

His works often feature elements of classical Greek and Roman art, as well as other historical references, rendered in a variety of materials, including marble, bronze, and stainless steel. Ball’s sculptures have been displayed in museums and galleries worldwide, and he is considered one of the leading artists of his generation.

Barry X Ball

Sculptor Barry X Ball to release NFTs in partnership with LG Electronics at Frieze Los Angeles 2023

Inspired by the Brooklyn-based sculptor’s in-progress works of Pope John Paul II, four animated assets will be exhibited in their complex and hyper-baroque forms with an original soundtrack. The complexity and extreme detail of these NFTs will prove helpful in accentuating the performance of LG’s OLED TVs. 

These LG products include the 97-inch, the 83-inch, and the 77-inch LG OLED C2 and G2 models. Coupled with LG’s unique OLED Easel and Pose Lifestyle screens, these OLED televisions will be used to unveil the four Barry X Ball NFTs in an exclusive preview on February 16 at Frieze Los Angeles 2023.

Barry X Ball stated about this partnership:

“These NFTs could not be feasible without LG’s OLED technology, which allowed me to create an immersive enjoyment for painting fans, with deep blacks and hard elements.”

Each of these NFTs, developed on the Hedera network, lasts 39 seconds, depicting four metallic variants: black steel, gold, copper, and silver. Each asset transitions from its raw metallic form to its corresponding color. This showcased color highlights the impressive detailing and color sharpness of the 8 million self-luminescent pixels of an LG OLED TV.


LG’s previous experience in the Web3 space

In September 2022, the LG Art Lab platform was introduced as a means for LG customers to exhibit NFTs on their LG TVs and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience from the comfort of their living rooms. Since then, the manufacturer of consumer electronics and home appliances has been quite active in the industry. Earlier this year, the company displayed its monster NFT shoes at CES 2023. LG Electronics has also entered into a partnership with Oorbit and Pixelynx to bring the metaverse to its smart TVs.