Tech giant, LG Electronics, has announced its collaboration with metaverse technology developers, Orbit and Pixelynx, to serve the metaverse on a platter to its Smart TV users.

About Oorbit

Oorbit is a platform that acts as a pathway to virtual interactive worlds. It allows its users to explore and build new virtual spaces, as well as interact with their friends in the cloud. According to Oorbit, the platform is on a mission to “bring the 3D internet to every home, desk, and pocket.”. Oorbit is available on PC, Mac, and, now, LG Smart TVs.

About Pixelynx

Pixelynx is a subsidiary under Animoca Brands. It was founded by Richie Hawtin, Joel Zimmerman, Ben Turner, Dean Wilson, and Inder Phull to develop “new interactive formats of music” that can be shared across the metaverse. Pixelynx makes use of Web3, AI, UGC, and gaming technology to set new standards in the music industry.

LG Smart TV

A Noteworthy Partnership Goes Live At CES2023!

At Consumer Electronics Show 2023 (CES 2023), LG Electronics revealed its intentions to bring the metaverse to its smart TV viewers. 

CES 2023

This formidable feat will be achieved via a partnership between the tech giant and two cloud-based technology platforms, Oorbit and Pixelynx.

This collaboration will support user engagement in the metaverse by combining interoperable social and gaming experiences in LG Smart TVs. Oorbit’s cloud streaming software will enable users to enter ultra high fidelity intertwined digital worlds and experience via their LG Smart TVs. Such virtual worlds and experiences include Auxuman’s AI–developed multiplayer games in its Auxworld and Pixelynx’s online concerts on Elynxir. 

The chief technology officer and co-founder of Oorbit commented:

“We’ve been working on the hardware, networking, and software layers to create the metaverse for almost a decade – it just wasn’t called the metaverse back then. Our proprietary technology is the connective tissue that links virtual worlds together and makes it easy for developers and brands to bring their experiences into the metaverse. Scaling our technology for millions of LG TV customers is the next step in making the metaverse accessible for all.”

Utilizing Oorbit’s platform as well, marketers and developers will be able to easily connect to a larger audience via their digital worlds and experiences which can be accessed on screens they already own. Oorbit will also allow several publishers, creators, and brands to seamlessly integrate their newly developed content to the metaverse.

The head of content service at the tech giant, Jung Sung-hyun, also shared:

“At LG, we take pride in driving innovation and bringing new, personalized experiences to consumers, allowing them to easily interact. And we are pleased we can achieve that now once again thanks to Oorbit’s vision to give open access to metaverse experiences in one place on our TVs.”

There will also be a constant virtual identity that users can hold on to as they transition from one virtual experience to the other. Consequently, users will also be able to make purchases and make achievements, which can be moved between unique virtual spaces.