Renowned Japanese gaming giant Bandai Namco has declared the introduction of an AI-powered virtual pet NFT game. This release stems from its partnership with Attracture, a startup based in Japan. Together, they have introduced the RYUZO game, featuring a series of NFT-based digital creatures known as RYU. RYUZO was developed on the Oasys network. 

Bandai Namco is strengthening its bond with Oasys Network, a prominent developer in the layer 1 blockchain domain. The company is integrating advanced AI elements into the realm of NFTs to enhance its gaming offerings. Working alongside Attracture, its research unit has developed the groundbreaking RYUZO scheduled for publication by Double Jump.Tokyo.

Oasys’ first series of NFT holders in the “Oasyx” project received an airdrop of 10,000 digital NFT eggs, called MARYU, before the game’s official release. This action generated anticipation and excitement within the gaming community. The game’s nurturing phase will extend for a year, guaranteeing players a continuous and progressive experience.


RYUZO, inspired by Bandai Namco’s timeless Tamagotchi game, presents a comparable concept where players nurture and interact with virtual pets. What sets RYUZO apart is its innovative use of AI, elevating the virtual pet experience to a whole new level. 

Each RYU evolves into a unique soulbound token as soon as they hatch, making them exclusive and non-transferable.

Moreover, RYU creatures develop their distinctive personalities and unlock many abilities based on the interactions initiated by the user. Through the magic of AI, players can engage in activities, like feeding and racing their pets. They can observe firsthand as these creatures learn and undergo fascinating transformations. Within the application, players have the power to create entire generations of these virtual pets. 

Groundbreaking Collaborations In Web3 Gaming

The Oasys Network has enticed several prominent gaming firms to become part of its validator network. Esteemed companies, like Sega, Square Enix, and Ubisoft, have joined Bandai Namco as node providers.

Oasys has unveiled its exciting collaborations with renowned game projects in addition to RYUZO. These partnerships indicate a promising future for blockchain gaming and suggest the imminent launch of more thrilling NFTs.

Final Words

Bandai Namco’s participation in the blockchain gaming space reflects the industry’s growing interest in embracing Web3 technology. It highlights the increasing trend of major game publishers, like Ubisoft, venturing into blockchain gaming. Furthermore, it showcases the vast potential of this innovative gaming landscape.