Regarding NTT DOCOMO

With more than 84 million subscribers, NTT Docomo is the largest mobile operator in Japan and one of the key developers of the 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile network technologies.

In addition to providing essential communications services, NTT Docomo is forging ahead into uncharted territory in partnership with an increasing number of organizations (“+d” partners), bringing exciting and practical value-added services that transform how people live and work.

As a part of the medium-term strategy aimed at 2020 and beyond, NTT Docomo is establishing a cutting-edge 5G network to enable cutting-edge services that will surpass the expectations of customers and astound them.

Regarding Astar Network

Astar Network is a bridge that is connecting layer 1 blockchains, such as Ethereum and Cosmos, with the Polkodat ecosystem.

The Astar platform supports decentralized applications, like DeFi, DAOs, and NFTs.

NTT Docomo and Astar Network are collaborating to accelerate the adoption and application of Web 3 for addressing social issues.

A new version of the Web called Web3 is powered by blockchain technology, and as opposed to traditional economies, it has the ability to create a new digital economy that offers clearly defined advantages and safe surroundings for success.

The ultimate objective of the partnership between NTT Docomo and Astar Network is to promote Web3 adoption globally, allowing everyone to make use of its advantages while establishing Japan as a key Web3 market. 

In Japan, Web3 is already being used to offer beneficial societal solutions.

To combat climate change, for instance, it is being used to assist businesses and the government in streamlining the carbon credit markets.

NTT Docomo pledged to invest 600 billion Yen (US $ 4 billion) into the Web3 structure.

These two companies have also expressly agreed to work together in three key areas.

They will work to close the tech gap on the way to greater Web3 adoption by educating people and giving engineers and business executives the opportunity to learn and gain real-world experience. They will promote sustainable development by studying case studies for environmental challenges on Web3.