To relish the pomp and glory of the world cup season, Binance is choosing to celebrate with Binance Football Fever, a promo event which launched on November 7, 2022.

Binance Football Fever 2022, Source: Binance

Binance Football Fever 2022 is a series of no-cost, no-loss daily challenges that fans can enjoy as 32 national football teams clash in Qatar and battle for supremacy. With up to 5 billion people expected to watch this year’s world cup games, Binance wants fans to come together online, showcase their love for the game, and share rewards worth a total of $1 million (USD).

To participate, football fans will need to claim a Binance Football Fever NFT Passport.

Rewards to expect from the challenge include NFTs, premium experiences, and tokens worth up to $1 million that will be shared between the Binance Football Fever participants.

Daily Challenge (Binance Football Fever 2022)

Every match day between November 20 and December 18 fans will make informed judgments on the outcomes of the games. Participants will be ranked according to how accurate their entries are taking into account other rewards the users may have earned in the course of the challenge – rewards will subsequently be distributed based on ranking results. 

The best part of this is: There are no entry fees to participate or no assets risked. Plus, the rewards will keep increasing every day with tokens worth $15,000 USD to be shared among participants on the first day, and tokens worth up to $60,000 USD on the final day. 

As mentioned above, the total value of the rewards to be shared between all Daily Challenge winners is $1 million and will be distributed in digital assets. Each user’s maximum daily reward share is $1,000 and to get a chance of earning, you only have to correctly predict the results of each day’s games. To learn more or participate in Binance Football Fever 2022, click here.