Tech giant Microsoft has partnered with the Web3 communication platform Axelar. The collaboration will establish enhanced connections between public and private blockchains, Web3, and traditional Internet systems to increase efficiency. In addition, it will mark the pioneering inclusion of the first-ever cross-chain protocol in the developer’s online store, Azure Marketplace.

Axelar aims to enable accessible deployment of innovation on leading blockchains for a new era of interchain-native Web3 applications. The firm has partnered with Microsoft Azure Marketplace to bring its blockchain data integration and interoperability solutions to the platform. These solutions offer enterprises and fast-growing Web3 startups a secure and seamless way to incorporate blockchain technology into their operations.

A standout feature of this collaboration is the implementation of Axelar’s General Message Passing (GMP) tool. This tool facilitates smooth integration across multiple environments, propelling the advancement of blockchain interoperability. Also, the AxelarJS software development kit (SDK) will provide developers access to various tools.

Axelar partnered with Microsoft for Web3.

The partnership doesn’t limit itself to blockchain alone. The duo have plans to utilize Azure OpenAI services to deliver innovative Web3 experiences. Both companies will also explore the integration of artificial intelligence into future Web3 applications. This exciting development showcases the potential for a new era of blockchain-enabled Open AI services.

Co-founder of Axelar, Sergey Gorbunov, stated about the partnership:

“The shared vision inspired us to partner with Microsoft to provide an extensible interoperability layer for the Azure community, from fast-growing Web3 startups to global enterprises. With Microsoft, we are now also able to explore the possibility for other new frontiers in Web3, such as blockchain-enabled Open AI services and the integration of AI in future Web3 applications.”

This partnership establishes a foundation for a highly interconnected and advanced Web3. It provides a sneak peek into the forthcoming era of the digital economy, wherein global convergence of public and private systems, data systems, and AI takes place.

About Axelar

Axelar provides secure cross-chain communication for Web3. The company allows dApp users to effortlessly interact with any asset or application on any chain through a single click. 

The Axelar stack empowers a decentralized network, offering protocols, tools, and APIs that enable straightforward cross-chain communication. The suite of the protocols encompasses cross-border routing and transfer protocols. The network is fueled by a decentralized open network of validators, welcoming anyone to join, utilize, and participate.