As a media partner, we are sharing the details of the next Hyper Games Conference (HGC) that will be held on April 27-28!

The recent version of the HGC is an offline B2B event. The team of HGC expects to bring together about 1500 professionals from more than 50 countries!

What awaits you at HGC?

The conference will be held in ESA Arena, Istanbul, Turkey, and it will consist of two stages! In this two-day event, you can get the chance to listen to successful names who are dealing with mobile games and Web3 games. In other words, you can develop your knowledge about the mobile game market, NFT gaming, Metaverse, crypto games, blockchain games, and so on. Also, you can expand your network during the event by meeting amazing people from the gaming industry!

At the event, there will be more than 80 speakers who will perform on two stages. These speakers will cover the news, insights, and trends of the gaming market with a focus on mobile and Web3 gaming markets mostly.

There will be an expo area and various networking activities! For example, on April 26, Badge Pick-Up Networking will be held. At this event, people will get the chance to chat with industry leaders. People who have premium tickets and speakers can participate in the event. Also, on April 27, there will Official Evening Networking where premium ticket holders and speakers will make new connections!

Furthermore, the conference will involve Publisher Pitch and Investor Pitch.

Publisher Pitch: In this event, mobile publishers and developers get the chance to network and communicate with each other. The format of the event is 3-minute speed-dating.

Investor Pitch: In this event, gaming brands and studios get the chance to find an investor or a strategic partner.

HGC will be held in Istanbul on April 27-28.
HG Conference will be held in ESA Arena, Istanbul.

Tickets for HG Conference

There are three tickets for HG Conference; Basic (free, for game dev companies only), Basic (€ 129), and Premium (€ 199).

If you have a Basic ticket, but you want to participate in events that require a Premium ticket, you can upgrade your Basic ticket to a Premium one via Ticket Up (€ 69)!

The above prices for the tickets are valid until April 15. On April 15, the prices of the tickets will increase, so hurry up!

You can reach the tickets for HG Conference here.

*A part of the money from ticket sales will be donated to the earthquake victims in Turkey.