In previous news, we mentioned Hyper Games (HG) Conference on 26-27 May 2022, and now it is time to explain the next HG Conference! Also, we would like to emphasize that NFT Horizon is a media partner of HG Conference, so you should not miss the event.

What is HG Conference?

Hyper Games Conference is an event in which you can encounter a lot of participants all over the world and speakers who are very successful in the field. The event is an international online conference that covers the promotion, development, and growth of the hybrid/hyper-casual games industry.

In the old news, we announced Hyper Games Conference #5 (Europe Edition) that was held on 26-27 May 2022, and now we would like to announce Hyper Games Conference #6 (Turkey & Africa Edition)!

HG Conference #6 Turkey & Africa Edition will be held on 1-2 September 2022, and the conference will be online, so you should not focus on plane tickets or hotels. As you can understand from the edition of the conference, one of the stages of HGC will concentrate on the Turkish and African gaming regions, revealing their peculiarities, tips, and tricks. In addition, NFTs, Web3 game topics, blockchain technology, crypto gaming, game design, game marketing, and game advertising will be considered in HGC #6.

People can participate in the conference via two ways; they can reach Basic Pass for free access or they can buy Premium Pass whose price is €49 for reaching more networking opportunities at the event.

*Basic Pass provides the participants with all sessions, expo zone, and limited access to the meeting system. On the other hand, Premium Pass offers all sessions, expo zone, full access to the meeting system, unlimited access to private chats, unlimited access to meeting requests, and all networking events.

What awaits you at HG Conference?

Like in HGC #5, there will be two stages: Solo speeches and panel discussions. In these stages, development, basics & methodology of hyper casual games, game publishing, game marketing, and success cases in the field will be the main subjects. Furthermore, participants will encounter the lectures and announcements from partners in HGC #6.

Generally, attendees will have the chance of visiting the speeches and panel discussions with industry leaders and getting to know a lot of gaming companies at the HC DevExpo. Also, they can expand their networks by arranging meetings and engaging in business development.

In addition to these, like in HGC #5, there will be Pitch & Match that is an amazing activity for publishers and developers. The activity will be in the format of speed dating; in other words, 2 individuals will be matched randomly for a three-minutes talk in Pitch & Match. With the help of the activity, people can meet new partners and improve their network in the field. Furthermore, there will be the chance of winning a cool prize in Pitch & Match! The activity will be held on during two days of HGC #6, and there will be two winners of the activity.


The team behind Hyper Games Conference expects to bring together more than 2000+ participants from 90+ countries worldwide, 700+ gaming brands, and more than 70 industry professionals eager to share their knowledge with the participants!

If you want to be a speaker, sponsor, or participant in HGC #6 Turkey & Africa Edition, you should not lose time for clicking on the website of Hyper Games Conference!