As a media partner of Hyper Games Conference (HGC), we are proud to announce HGC #7: Global Edition! In this news, you can reach the details of HGC #7.

HGC #7: Global Edition will be held on December 15-16, and the event will be online, so you should not think about transportation and accommodation to be a participant!

What awaits you at HGC #7: Global Edition?

The conference will involve two stages, and these stages will cover solo speeches and panel discussions on relevant topics with prominent industry leaders. The main subjects of the speeches and discussions will be the development of games, the publishing of games, the marketing of games, success cases, and lectures and announcements from partners. At that point, we want to mention that the co-founder of NFT Horizon, Ulaşcan Deniz Genç, will be a speaker at one panel of HGC #7: Global Edition!

The general audience of HGC #7: Global Edition consists of the publishers of hyper casual games, the studios and indie developers of hyper casual games, the companies offering marketing channels, and Platforms specialized in marketing, monetization, and media channels. Hence, you can expand your network by meeting these people during HGC #7: Global Edition!

Hyper Casual Booster: It is an activity in the format of speed-dating with 3-minutes meetings for hyper-casual developers and publishers. The activity is free for developers while it is paid for publishers. People will get the chance of finding new partnerships for game publishing and networking.

Investor Pitch: It is a great activity for gaming brands and studios that seek an investment or strategic partner. Gaming companies can participate in the investor pitch for free while it is paid for investing companies.

If you want to expand your network and improve your knowledge about hyper/hybrid-casual, all mobile, and Web3 games, you can buy a ticket for the conference via the link.