Are you ready for an amazing conference? If yes, we are announcing that WN Conference is back in Turkey!

What is WN Conference?

WN Conference is an on-site, game industry dealmaking event which covers more than 1500 attendees.

The event will be held in Istanbul on June 7-8. It will be a hybrid event; hence, you can join online via the WN Hub communication platform.

The event will generally involve the subjects of investment, game publishing, talent management, game analytics, and Web3 gaming. Also, within the conference, attendees will get the chance to listen to successful people -more than 30 speakers- in the gaming field.

In addition to the speakers, there will be more than 150 game development projects in a developer showcase.

The event does not involve only speakers and various projects! There will be two networking parties. The pre-party will be held on June 6, and the other one, that is the main party, will be held on June 7. Therefore, you must be ready for expanding your network in this field!

WN Conference

Why you should join WN Istanbul’23?

First of all, the event will provide a unique opportunity to gain a foothold in the Turkish and MENA game markets. Hence, this is a critical point for game developers and game lovers.

Secondly, you can get access to emerging markets in the MENA region via this great event. Also, as we emphasized above, the chance of learning from industry experts can contribute to your gaming ideas. Moreover, you can encounter exclusive workshops to develop your creativity and saturate your curiosity in the gaming industry.

We must also mention the chance to expand the network in the field via WN Conference; you can reach industry professionals from different regions face-to-face or online. At that point, you can consider exchanging ideas and getting insights into the evolving game industry worldwide.

AI For Business

AI For Business Conference

WN Media Group also announced AI For Business Conference that will focus on artificial intelligence.

As you know, most of the game developers are trying to integrate artificial intelligence into video games, blockchain-based games, and Web3 projects. The situation is considered by the media group, and you can learn from experts who will share their insights and experiences in the field of AI on June 7-8.

Final Words

If you want to meet publishers, investors, and partners for future development and show your gaming ideas/games, you should not miss WN Istanbul’23.

To reach all details about the event, click here.