Hershey India has joined the metaverse with Hersheyverse – partnering with Land Vault, one of the world’s largest metaverse builders to bring Hershey’s into Decentraland and give fans a virtual reality experience.

About Hershey India

Hershey India is a multiple food and beverage company that brings happiness to people with its delicious products ranging from Hershey’s chocolate, Hershey’s syrup, Hershey’s milk booster, Hershey’s spreads, Hershey’s milkshake, and Hershey’s cocoa powder. Hershey India seeks to be a digital brand and target Gen Z people who are fascinated by virtual reality. This new VR or Hersheyverse experience will be interactive and blend real and virtual worlds together.

About Hersheyverse

Hersheyverse offers appealing landscapes, quests, discounts, immersive interactions, and an exclusive wearable to give consumers a wholesome brand experience this season. There will be non-player characters (NPC) who guide users as they explore the space which is centered on Hershey’s Kiss – where all the interactions will happen. In the Hersheyverse, there are also shopkeepers representing different markets and will highlight the most popular Hershey’s products during the holidays in India. The various quests are exciting and filled with multiple storylines which unfold as the players navigate the metaverse. Examples include: A Flying Hershey’s Kiss, Holiday Quest, Social Quest, and A Sweet Surprise. Players will earn rewards as they embark and succeed on such quests in terms of power-ups and an exclusive wearable.

Geetika Mehta, the managing director of Hershey India, stated:

“Hersheyverse is an experience of all of Hershey’s products in one digital space. As a digital forward brand, we at Hershey India want to familiarize our consumers with our products through the metaverse experience. We are looking forward to having Gen-Z users, especially creators and influencers on Hersheyverse, try a never felt before experience. Through this immersive digital environment, we want to build a next-generation space for consumers who want to connect with us.”