Doritos, the renowned snack food company, has entered the metaverse world with the launch of its Dorito Triangle Metaverse Studio on Decentraland. This experience is aimed at both crypto-savvy and non-crypto users and runs from February 8th to the 10th. Players have the chance to create their own NFT avatar, which acts as their representation in the game, through the experience. The avatar’s appearance can be tailored with various options, such as skin color, hairstyle, clothing, shoes, and accessories, allowing players to make it one-of-a-kind and personal.

Winning NFT Avatars and Free NFT Giveaways

Players can explore the triangle tower on the second floor and collect playing points; with more points collected, the higher the chance of winning one of two NFT avatars – Clone-X #12118 by RTFKT with Takashi Murakami or Meebits #24 by Larva Labs. To sweeten the deal, Doritos is also giving away 8 wearables (4 unlocked and 4 locked) and 2 custom gaming rigs by BRParadox, all minted on the Polygon Blockchain. This is a fantastic way for the brand to engage with its fans and give back to the community.

Joining the Mainstream Brands on Polygon

Doritos joins a group of well-known brands, like Reddit, Starbucks, and Cymbiotika, that have partnered with the Layer 2 Ethereum scaling protocol to introduce NFT products. Polygon has become the go-to option for these companies as it offers infinite scalability and low transaction costs while providing the security features of the Ethereum Network. The platform’s popularity is evident as it overtook Ethereum in terms of NFT sales in January, with over 1.3 million Polygon NFTs sold on OpenSea in December 2022, generating a transaction volume of $15.3 million from 116k active traders.

Commitment to Innovation 

The launch of the Dorito Triangle Metaverse Studio on Decentraland shows the company’s commitment to engaging with its fans in a unique and exciting way. The experience is an excellent opportunity for fans to personalize their own NFT avatar and compete for the chance to win NFT avatars and free NFT giveaways. The fact that Doritos is joining the likes of Reddit, Starbucks, and Cymbiotika in partnering with the Layer 2 Ethereum scaling protocol on Polygon further solidifies the platform’s position as the leading blockchain for mainstream brands.